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Damn! Failure to feed 3 times !

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by tucojuanramirez, May 9, 2012.

  1. ahahahahahaa uè cumpààààà!
  2. Billspider


    Sep 11, 2009

    I purchased a Gen 4 Glock 26 and it has performed flawlessly with 700 rounds through it,( for me).

    I also have a Gen 3 Glock 26 that has been flawless with 3000 rounds,(for me).

    My wife cannot shoot either without erratic ejection and the occasional failure to feed. Her shooting platform is not steady enoughto allow the Glock to cycle without these problems. I don't want to use the term limp wristing because the problem could also be traced back to the elbows.

    Knowing this ,we could really concentrate on correcting her platform or get her a handgun that is more forgiving.

    Under a high stress situation she might revert to her less than steady platform so we decided on a small frame revolver for her carry gun.

    It has been our experience that the 26 is very unforgiving of a shooting platform that allows the handgun excessive backward motion during firing and cycling.
    This is not my opinion but my experience. Yours may vary.
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  3. thank you for the answer ! yeah, it's the first round of a new magazine, when the slide is open and I pusched the slide lock button ! 3 times ! it were the first times ! but also new bullets ... fiocchi 124 grains ...
  4. your experience was very interesting in my opinion ... because I'm a 1,82 meter, and 82 Kg, I make body building and I have big hands that work ! but yesterday I was very very very tired (I woke up at 4:00 in the morning), my hands where wet, and I didn't have a strong control on the gun. When I return home I made a shower, I eat something, relax myself, and after I have tried for half an hour load magazines, reload pistols, use the slide for chambering the first round or with the use of slide lock button,and all the actions that I made where perfect, very strong and a little angry also ... and NO FTF PROBLEMS ... in your opinion may be one of the focus point of the problem? (linked with my 04 spring ...) ??
  5. scosgt


    May 25, 2011
    You have to slingshot, not use the slide release.
    Put your hand over the back of the slide and pull it all to the way to the rear and release. That should work fine.
    If not, try different ammo. Something about the ammo the gun does not like. It happens.
  6. AA#5


    Nov 26, 2008
    One interesting thing about the Gen 4 Glocks is that many people will fire several hundred rounds (or even a couple thousand rounds) without a problem, then they'll have malfunctions.

    The Gen. 4 Glocks that do function out of the box seem to have a short life as far as reliability.
  7. Maybe docwillis has something with the 9x21 ammo question? I've never tried anything like that with my 9mms. Is Fiocchi the only brand of ammo that you've tried? If it is then I'd try another brand to see if the problem is still there or if it goes away. Our sheriff's department bought a whole crapload of Fiocchi a year or so ago for one of our qualifications. We never made it past the first line of shooters. Our G22s were locking up left and right. Finally, after many attempts one of our captains had to go buy enough Winchester ammo to get us through. We also had Fiocchi in 9x19 and it wasn't any better.
    You WERE kidding about the Pope, weren't you? Surely he doesn't decide about guns and ammo?
    One last thing, before someone nails you on it. That "button" you were referring to is the slide STOP lever. The slide LOCK is that tiny little plastic lever on the frame that you've got to depress, and probably curse at, when you're taking the slide off. Good luck with your pistol!
  8. Thank you sir for the answer, and sorry for my bad english writing mode. You give me the last good idea of this day of questions and answers (yeah, in Italy it's 22:00 now!). The first package of hammo that I've used was Sellier & Bellot FMJ, NO PROBLEM with them! May be it's the Fiocchi 9x21 (copper plated) 124 grains the problem! Next week I'm going to the range and I want try another quality ammo, and I will write to you the response of my G19 ! Bye bye from Italy sir
  9. Beretta92guy


    Nov 15, 2011
    OP, you are in Italy????

    you should be buying a:

    BERETTA :supergrin:

  10. Just1More


    Mar 18, 2009
    I love how people blame the ammo. Let's face it, Gen 4's suck. Glocks should eat every ammo you feed it....that what they're known for!

    Glock screwed up catering to the panty-waists who said the 40 was too "snappy".
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  11. MrGlock21


    Apr 16, 2001
    North Texas
    I saw a couple of great operas in the Arena di Verona. Verdi and Donizetti. Kinda miss the open air shows.

    Anyway, hope your Glock gets fixed. If all fails let the Fiat technicians figure it out.
  12. someone gives me an idea... a beretta... no thanks ... my new future pistol is going to be an american product, and not semi-automatic.... s & W !
  13. Pred8tory

    Pred8tory Retired Copper Lifetime Member

    Apr 2, 2002
    Metro Cleveland
    The same reason they are continuing to buy Shields even though it's been documented that they go out of battery, and stay that way, in your holster. Good Shooting!:tongueout:
  14. Deriffe


    Dec 8, 2011
    St Louis
    I lived in Italy from late 1983 until late 1987. I purchased a Bernardelli P18 in 9X21 and to this day, Fiocchi is the only reasonably priced ammunition I can find.

    Your issue sounds like the recoil spring assembly just doesn't have enough strength to muscle the first round out of the magazine by merely using the slide stop lever. As has been suggested, try manually pulling and releasing the slide. The slight difference in the size of the actual cartridge may be the problem at least until you put a couple hundred rounds through it and get it broken in. Also make sure you properly lubricate before your next range trip.

    Ciao Amico
  15. 09crue


    Jul 27, 2009
    unfortunately these kind of problems have become all too familar with gen4 Glocks..i'd suggest a new S&W M&P 9 or 9c or if you want to try a revolver next time,anything from Ruger or S&W would be a good choice..

  16. ciao amicoooo
  17. I love S&W, a lot of models, for example the 29 (.44 mag)
  18. kodiakpb


    Jan 12, 2012
    I'm still waiting and I exclusively shoot the ammo that everyone is having problems with ....FWIW, it's good practice to strip the slide and clean it, especially around the extractor area. I do it after every range trip.
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  19. Markasaurus


    Dec 13, 2009
    My Glock 26 does not like Fiocci ammo. After 700 rounds it has had 7 misfires, 6 of them happened with Fiocci ammo. Everything else works fine. So try ammo that isn't made by Fiocci.
  20. ShapesAndColors

    ShapesAndColors Life is good..

    May 17, 2012
    West Coast
    This. All the other suggestions are good, and definitely things to make note of, but I would start with jamming a longer cartridge in a shorter chamber first. It is the equivalent of pushing a 45ACP into a GAP gun. From my experience, 9x19 in a 9x21 gun works, the opposite does not. It's stamped 9x19 for a reason. Let's not jump on the Gen 4 problems just yet.

    To the OP: you state that the sellier and bellot ammo worked, is that 9x19? Good luck with the new pistol :cool: