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DAK Grips

Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by WoodenPlank, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. WoodenPlank

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    May 15, 2010
    NW Florida
    I had been hoping that the DAK-specific E2 grip kits would delete the decocker cut out, but it wasn't to be. Since I can't stand the empty decocker slot, this leaves me with the Hogue grips as my only non-wood option for new grips.

    Does anyone have any feedback on the Hogue G10 DAK-specific grips? I have yet to find anyone locally that has them for sale, so I can't even get an idea of how thick or thin they are.
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  2. Snowman92D

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    Oct 6, 2001
    Hi...I just saw this thread.

    I EDC a Sig P229/DAK in .40 caliber and the gun was issued to me a couple years before I retired as an LEO. I'd always loved the revolver-like DAK trigger, but my hands are really big and the grip frame on the 229 was a trifle too short. I'd tried to make it work better. I put a strip of skateboard tape on the 229's front strap, and stippled the backstrap. That helped some because it gave the illusion that the grip was a bit bigger, measured frontstrap to backstrap.

    The grip still seemed a little short, top-to-bottom, and I eventually realized that was due in part to the backstrap on the plastic OEM grips being rounded off down toward the bottom of the grip where the lanyard thingie is. Another guy I know, who also has bigger hands, told me that he put the Hogue G-10 after-market grips on his 229, and it really improved the grip and shootability of the gun. On the G-10 grips, the backstrap isn't rounded off so sharply at the bottom, so the front-to-back measure of the grip, down at the magazine well, is slightly greater. That fills the hand better than the OEM grips do.

    The big "thumb-rest", under the slide-release, on the port side of Sig 229's OEM grips, isn't so prominent on the Hogue G-10's. That trims the bulkiness down some, which I like. I've read where some folks feel the grip panels on the G-10 grips are thinner than the Sig OEM grips, but aside from the toned down thumb-rest, they seem the same circumference to me. The grip texture of the G-10 grips is a real plus, and the port-side panel completely covers where the decocker is normally supposed to be.

    I've had no usage problems with the G-10 grips on my 229. I don't inadvertently kick the slide-lock lever upward with my thumb during rapid fire strings, and the better hand-filling sensation the Hogue grips provide gives me nicely improved control over the .40's recoil, especially in long strings. Not sure that answers your questions, but that's my impression of the G-10 grips so far.

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  3. DonGlock26

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    Jan 18, 2001
    I like mine on my P228 DAO. The decocker hump seems to be reduced and they seem a little thinner to me.


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