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DACP PAT standards? Anyone know?

Discussion in 'US Army Forum' started by mangkukhan, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Okay this might not be the right forum but I'm having trouble finding anyone including the people who are hiring me who can give me a straight answer. I am looking for a copy of AR190-56, that is the field manual apparently that has the current rules and regs for PAT(physical agility test) requirements for new hires.

    I have been told about 20 different things and they range from beyond simple to I'm gonna have to break a sweat but no problem. Now ordinarily it's no big deal but I live in Illinois and the job is on the other side of the country. They want me to relocate and spend thousands of dollars out of my pocket for the relocation, and thent here is still this PAT hanging over my head as a condition of employment and nobody can tell me for certain what it comprises of?????? Basically the job is as a guard at a weapons depot, so far most things I've read say expect a 17 minute 1.5 mile run and 20 pushups which is not a problem at all, at the same time I keep hearing different options and different times listed, and apparently this regulations gets amended almost every year so I don't know whats what.

    The hiring authority for that bases security told me two different sets of requirements the two times I spoke with him, the HR recruiter processing my paperwork said she wasn't even aware they still did a PAT. I just want to know before I burn a couple grand moving to this new job location what to expect, I don't want to show up and find out they went and added in something unexpected that'll screw me out of the job and my money. So anyone know anything about this? I'm not particularly thrilled about the job itself, but I am excited to have benefits again and a GS rating.

    Oh yeah, I keep look for AR190-56 online and apparently it wasn't circulated openly so the only copies I can find are from 2006 and earlier which do me no good as it was updated in october of 2009 and possibly in 2010 again.
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  3. edit: if you need a copy of this regulation you will have to contact the Provost Marshall Office as it is classified "For Official Use Only".
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