CZ Vzor(Model) 52 information

Discussion in 'Military Surplus Forum' started by jonathon, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Link works fine for me.... maybe it was down when you tried it.... happens.
    This is a good link...has some pics...

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  2. Well Heck, works fine this morning. I tried that link about 15 times last night over a period of 2-3 hours. I just kept going back and trying it. Works now though so that's good. Thanks for the response. :cool:

  3. I just purchased 3 moisan nagants, 2 k98s from this guy with original german markings..

    Check it out..

    guns under $300
  4. gosh I am lucky, I recently bought 3 brand new CZ 52's, they were unissued, unfired, and looks as if I was the first to ever pull the slide back on them! I do have some history on them, some of which my be conflicting. I will read over it and post it if I see something that worthwhile. If anyone is interested you might still get one from
    Bob, at Black Bear Arms,, it is my pleasure to recommend him as a first class businessman and a fine gentleman to deal with. Good luck his supply is getting low but its worth a try I paid close to $200.00 for mine but new is neat I bought 3!

    good luck and good shootin'
  5. Just got mine. Looks great, but the inner diameter of the rollers is different between the two. Obviously, one has been replaced. When a roller bearing goes bad, does it eat itself or something more important? Who has the best replacement rollers?
  6. Wingnut357

    Wingnut357 Killer Casual

    The inner diameter of my rollers are also not identical, but I don't think they've been replaced as my CZ has no discernable wear. Anything is possible though. Perhaps the manufacturing tolerances for the internal roller diameter were very loose?
  7. G19Tony

    G19Tony Sneet

    I just ordered the CZ52 and 9mm barrel from AIM. I hope it comes with directions to put rollers on the new barrel, if it doesn't already come that way.
  8. Also, you can use the heel of the magazine as a tool to remove the barrel from the slide. I have one in 9mm. Good trunk gun.
  9. thanks for the great info.
  10. trees4

    About 12 years ago I had a CZ-52 that I carried with a replacement 9mmP barrel in it. I used a 1911 Galco holster, and it fit reasonably well. I carried that thing for several months, cocked and locked...
    One day I was getting ready to leave the house, and had already threaded the holster onto my belt. I was preparing to holster the CZ-52 (mine was an original un-refinished gun) and I foolishly used one hand to cock the weapon.
    If you're familiar with these guns you know that the hammer spring is quite heavy. With my FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER, I put my thumb on the hammer and whipped the muzzle towards the floor, thus using the energy of the move to help me cock the hammer with the thumb of my right hand. The safety was already on.

    BOOOOM!!! I looked around and was shocked to see a hole in the floor about 6 inches from my right toe.

    My thumb was still on the hammer, which had NOT FALLEN ON THE FIRING PIN.
    The slide had stayed locked, spent cartridge still in place (evidence of the safety on). I am sure of this because my thumb would have been hit and rather mauled by the recoiling slide.
    The firing pin block had completely failed, and the inertia of the gun being flung forward had over-ridden the firing-pin spring, causing a hole in my wood floor. Fortunately, there was no basement or people beneath me.

    To be fair to the CZ-52, I had put a non-factory barrel in it, and had replaced the firing pin with an aftermarket one that was supposed to be stainless steel, and less likely to break.

    I immediately undid these changes and NEVER shot the thing again. I also have never made the same mistake of cocking a hammer that way, although it had never given me problems before. But there's a first time for everything, and that's one I'd rather not repeat. I guess the saying goes "If you've seen it done with a gun on TV, NEVER DO THAT IN REAL LIFE!"

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