CZ PO6 Issues

Discussion in 'CZ Club' started by steve4102, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. I just picked up a CZ PO6. I have fired about 250 rounds through it so far. I am shooting 165gr and 180gr handloads with several different powders ranging from mid to max powder charge.

    It shoots good and has never missed a beat except that the slide does not stay back after the last round is fired. I have tried both of the factory supplied mags and the results are the same. Of all the rounds I have fired so far the slide has not stayed back once.

    Any ideas as to how to remedy this?

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  2. Bret

    Bret Crimping Master

    If you manually pull the slide back on an empty magazine, will it lock back? If so, how far are the spent cases going when you shoot it?

  3. Yes, it locks back fine with and empty mag, both mags.

    Spent cases go anywhere from about 6 feet to can't find them depending on the load.
  4. Bret

    Bret Crimping Master

    The distance pretty much rules out a too heavy recoil spring. I've had a couple of CZ's that came with recoil springs that were far too light, but I wouldn't think that would cause your problem. Still, you never know. Have you tried some factory FMJ ammo? If so, how does it do?
  5. Yes, I shot my last box of Blazer Brass 165gr just yesterday, same thing.
  6. Bret

    Bret Crimping Master

    Unfortunately, I'm out of simple ideas. Perhaps someone else can come up with something. At this point, I'd send it back to CZ.

    Over the years I've learned a few things about sending guns in for repair. Write a letter and provide as much detail as possible. Some repair shops like to do pretty much anything they can to blame the shooter (I have not heard this about CZ), so you'll want to eliminate this possibility. I explain that the problem happens with both magazines, with different shooters (good idea to give someone else a chance just in case it's your hold), several different kinds of factory ammo (list the brands and type), and any other details that may be important. Since your problem happens pretty much every time, I would highly recommend that you shoot a video if possible. I've included a digital video on CD the last couple of times I sent a gun in for repair. If you can't do the video, it's OK. The other information should cover you. It's just a good addition if you can. Also, ask them for details of what was repaired. Some repair shops will tell you while others won't.

    Definitely keep us posted. I'm very interested in finding out what the cause of this problem is.
  7. Thanks Bret, I'll give CZ a call and go from there. Damn I hate sending **** back to the manufacturer, cost $$ and takes forever. Maybe I'll just shoot it like it is.
  8. Bret

    Bret Crimping Master

    Let us know what they say. Definitely get it fixed. If you don't, it will bother you every time you shoot it.
  9. Well, I found the problem, ME. It was caused by pilot error and nothing more. I was allowing my thumb to ride the slide stop. Changed my grip just a tad and all is well.

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