CZ P-07 Duty or Springfield XDm 3.8c (9mm)

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  1. Hey all,

    I am pondering upon the listed guns, and I wanted the opinions of the GTer's.

    First gun, CC/home defense. Just wanted to point out that I am NOT a newbie to handguns, I just recently came to age to purchase my first one. I actually have a lot of tactical/sport training.

    As much as I love my Sigs/HK's/1911's, I wanted to ease into the hobby with a practical weapon- hence the selected firearms and the caliber of choice being 9mm. I am not a huge fan of Glock! (I just don't have enough trigger time with them). I don't know too much about CZ.. but after reviewing it on the internet, I really like it.

    So if you were to purchase a new handgun today, which one of the two would you select and why?


    P.S. I am definitely open to suggestions as well!

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  2. I am kind of stuck giving advice because I have several CZs, but not a P-07 an XDM, but it's standard size .45.
    It would be a toough toss-up so I will cop-out cmpletely and advise you take a look at another gun that is in a 3-way tie for my "favorite current production semi" The Sigpro 2022.

    If you like the P07 there is a lot to go for in the Sig at a lower price tag. It gives up nothing to my CZs or Springfield in accuracy or reliability.

  3. Of all the carry guns i've fondled over the last two years or so, I've come away most impressed by the P07. Great grip (very thin compared to a G19, yet 1 more round in 9mm), controls, texture, trigger, balance. Only the reset is a little bit longer than I would have liked, that's all.
  4. I really like the XDm.
  5. Thanks countrygun for your reply. You know I knew someone whould suggest the sigpro 2022, and I definitely looked into that model as well. The only problems I had with it were honestly.. I felt like it was just a cheap p226 and I didn't really like the trigger (dry firing at the lgs). I LOVE sig.. and I eventually will add a 229 and or 226 to the stable... but I felt like buying the 2022 was halfway to buying the 226/229, and I would rather have the 226/229 over the 2022.

    Thanks for your reply Southpaw. I have yet to fondle a P-07, or any CZ for that matter. I believe this is my next step in the decision process. Shooting both the XDm and P-07 would be ideal before purchasing either!

    As do I! Do you have any experience with the CZ?
  6. I have a 2022 and a 226 and the 2022 is definitely not cheap 226...or maybe it is. If you don't like the trigger, you probably won't like the 226 trigger as they are pretty similar. If I had to choose between the two, the 226 would be it for home defense and range but if it were being used for cc as well, the 2022 would be it. Lighter, smaller, similar ergo's, trigger and easier to conceal.
  7. I own a half-dozen CZ's and once owned a P-07 for about a month. I found the latter to be less desirable than the standard CZ's or a couple of Glocks I owned, so I sold it. The trigger on the P-07 was OK, as were the sights and ergonomics, and the gun was reliable. But standard Glock triggers are better, and a friend's XDm 9mm with the Precision aftermarket trigger was world's better than the P-07's pull.

    If I were in the market for a polymer gun, the P-07 would be way down the list and the XDm near the top, particularly with that fine aftermarket trigger. Both, however, weigh five or six ounces more than a Glock 19, which to me eliminates the major advantage of polymer.
  8. I have to agree with Golddog. I didn't buy the one P=07 the LGS got because I had the same reaction to the trigger pull on it, as compared to my othe CZs, that you had to the Sigpro. I also felt the slabside grips lacked the "feel" of the metal frame CZs contours. So that led me towards the XD. My wife decided I needed the XDm in .45 however. OK I dealt with that:supergrin:
  9. Not on your list, but you might consider the Caracal. Its reviewed as excellent by everyone who has had one. Imo its the best polymer out there at any price. Its only $399 at centerfire systems.

    You might also check out Steyr M9A1 or Walther PPQ.

    Id get the XD out of your choices.
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  10. Genin

    Genin Designated Left

    CZ P-07 all the way. The CZ's ergos and stock trigger are light years ahead of the XDm (and yes I've shot both extensively, but only own the CZ if that's any hint). The posters above whom didn't think the trigger was great must have held some bum models because everyone who has shot my P-07 has agreed that the Omega trigger is one of the smoothest and lightest factory triggers they've felt. I got my P-07 for $371 OTD on a Memorial Day sale. It has had 700 rounds through it since then and has been flawless. My Glock 19 is still my go-to-gun but if you aren't into Glocks then you'd be wise and not disappointed in the P-07 Duty. The XDm is very nice as well, just higher bore axis, worse stock trigger, and weaker ergos than the P-07 (IMO of course).

  11. I have both of these pistols and each is a great gun. However, if I had to pick one to keep-n-carry, it would be the CZ hands down. It has the best trigger of any gun I own and has been absolutely flawless through over 1,000 rounds. And in all fairness, the XDm is also a great gun.
  12. How about the CZ P 01 or a M&P 9 or 9c for under $500?
  13. I have shot many different sigs.. and I loved them all except for the p250. I am fond of both the older 226 DA/SA and the newer DAK 226. After fondling the 2022 in the store.. IDK it just didn't feel right, and the trigger wasn't how I remembered it as. Plus, it has an expiration date in its name! :dunno:

    I'll have to agree with you on the XDm being near the top of the list, however as far as the Duty being less desirable, thats the first time I've come across that. Especially your statement in that the Glock trigger system was better. IDK man, to each his own!

    As far as the Caracal goes- what an ugly gun. Putting looks aside- no I can't do that. I think we spend more time looking at/ fondling our guns than we do actually shooting them. that price tag is definitely a selling point, though. As for the other models mentioned, I will do some research on them and get back to you. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Your input is more in line with what I have been reading. That is one heck of a deal, sir. Also, I agree... that is one sexy beast. What grip is that?

    Thanks for your input. You never know, I might eventually get both! But the XDm would be in .45 if I went with the 9mm CZ.

    I'll look into the P-01, and the M&P 9c is a nice gun, I just don't care for all the rust issues I've heard about with them. I spoke to a few cops who carry M&P's, and he said they constantly send their guns back to S&W to get them refinished. (FLORIDA).
  14. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    CZ hands down.

    Avoid the XD.

    You can thank me later.

  15. Lior


    Owned a P07 for three months after owning a G19 for 7 years. Sold it for the following reasons:
    1. Beveled plastic rear sight cannot be used to rack the slide on a belt for single handed work.
    2. My plastic ambi safety broke after a week. It is thinly made. Replaced it with a decocker, but lost confidence with its quality.
    3. Very long trigger reset for single action work. Does not lend itself to speed shooting without massive training.
    4. Proprietary magazines. And they stuck in my gun whenever I tried to do fast reloads. People tell me that CZ have ironed out this problem, but this must be checked carefully.

    In total the P07 has a lot of potential for being as good as the G19, as it has many good things about it, but the models I have experienced seem to be unfinished.

    For the record, I carry a close cousin of the Duty, namely the CZ Phantom, which I find superior in most regards, and it is slim and easy to conceal for a double stack full size gun. I do miss the Duty's frame stippling though.

    Sorry I can't help you with XD impressions. Good luck on your choice Sir.
  16. Genin

    Genin Designated Left

    Thanks man. It's the pachmayr grip sleep. I like it because it has finger grooves and really holds on tight. No slipping/shifting while firing at all.
  17. Putting looks aside you cant do that?

    There's two threads on the gun in the past few days[and probably a dozen more] with nothing but reports saying the gun is amazing.

    The gun is proven...and only 2 years newer than the M&P.

    If you dont want it thats fine...but i was just curious about your comment.

    Hope you like the other suggestions. The Steyr and PPQ are raved about on here.
  18. I hear in 2022, they just stop working :supergrin:
  19. Wow. Excellent points you made. And I know the things you pointed out are from experience with the weapon. Not to mention- You are from Israel! You all are pretty much experts in the weapons department. I also love how the citizens who live close to the border are issued firearms! Thanks for making my decision even harder now. :supergrin: Thoughts on the SIG 2022?

    Yeah man, I'm big on the looks department. I'd still love to give one a whirl and test it out.

    :rofl: I mean come on! who puts an "out of service" date in the name of the handgun????
  20. Lior


    Don't want to rain on your parade, but most Israeli citizens are not entitled to own anything that goes bang. Competent pistoleros are generally confined to very specialized military, police and paramilitary units and IPSC sports shooters.

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