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  1. Plus 1. No need to be jerk to someone asking for help.

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  2. Great guns(never a malfunction, regardless of ammo) and the Kadet Kit is the most reliable .22lr I have ever used.

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    Another vote for 'like' .... :thumbsup:

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    How does the Armalite AR-24 fare nowadays? When I was looking into getting a CZ-75 years ago, the Armalite was fairly new and having teething problems. I am still wanting one, but don't see any reason to get the Armalite over an actual CZ-75.

    Any thoughts on the Armalite offering?
  5. I have a baby eagle (a clone). One of the most accurate, comfortable, and easiest shooting pistols I own.
  6. They are excellent pistols- reliable and VERY accurate. They all seem to have really great triggers.

    1) Shoot it out of the box and don't change anything, ever. As soon as you start doing "work" and swapping parts you will see problems, swap more parts to fix them, create new problems, and eventually become part of the disgruntled minority.

    2) Shoot it with stepped floorplate CZ mags, not Tangfolio mags.

    3) If you break a slidestop, fix it and dump the gun. The guns that break slide stops seem to do it all the time. Mine has never broken a slide stop and doesn't show any wear and tear out of the ordinary. Some of the newer guns just eat slide stops, though this seems to have been recently fixed.
  7. I own and have owned a lot of guns. I started shooting as a Glock man and my 19 is still my EDC. However, my CZ Customs 85 Combat is by far the best handgun that my fingers have ever touched. I think that the CZ 75 family the best 9mm's made. At any price! JMO!
  8. You used to be able to get them at a steal for the quality they are but the popularity of them has driven prices way up. I got my first 75C two years ago for $400nib. Try that now...
  9. That is a steal, nowadays you can only find the Turkish clones at that price
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  10. CZ75 is a fantastic gun. I have 800 rounds or so through it without any malfunctions. Easy to shoot and extremely accurate.
  11. Robertson Trading Post had some Pre-Bs recently for less. They were a little bit beat though.

    I got my CZ-75B MIL for $335 NIB a long time ago.
  12. My CZ gunsmith has broken a slidestop on his Shadow...around the 45,000 round mark. He replaced it and put another 20,000 rounds and so far no problems.
    I think that's pretty good.

    Has anybody had any break-in issues with their CZs? Mine stovepiped three times in the first 100 or so rounds with the stock 18# super heavy spring and 115 gr ammo.
    I put a lighter recoil spring in (first 11#, then I bought a 16# one) and with the 11# no problems, hope the 16# performs well, too.
  13. 65,000 rounds is... impressive.

    I'm talking about the normal folks who report consistent breakage of the slide stop. Some CZ's do it much more frequently than others.
  14. That would be me! Yes, my stainless 75B had a horrible gritty trigger that with lots of dry firing and shot rounds has smoothed out to a terrible gritty trigger. In all fairness I shot a polycoat 75B and a PO-6 with great triggers which led me to buy one in the first place. It is beautifully made, a joy to hold in the hand and everybody that sees it asks how much I want for it. That last CZ thread got me thinking about its fate. I keep thinking about contacting Cajun gun works and if I'm going to keep it I need to do something about the trigger.
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  15. Probably best to just ditch it to someone like me before you get too much money tied up in it.:whistling:
  16. That could happen.
  17. Hey now, I have actually done an action job on a CZ and I would hate to see one of those particular ones running around with a bad trigger, and I would hate to see someone get themselves in over their head on one.

    I think, as a favor to both of you I should take over custody before someone pokes their eye out with it.

    You will thank me later.

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    I have three CZ-75Bs: a blued, a two-tones and a mirror polished SS model.

    I love'em. Something about a solid steel pistol that sits well in your hand and can cave in a skull if and when you run out of ammo.

    Strangely enough, I don't care much for the rest of the CZ pistol lines. One of these days, I'd like to get a pre-B model that isn't all beat up to hell like some of the surplus imports.
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    Have had a CZ75B in the past and unfortunately sold it.... Great shooting gun and never an issue. I currently have a CZ75 PCR the aluminum frame model. Great Cary gun and just as fun to shoot as the all steel model.
  20. So I stopped in my buddy's pawn shop yesterday afternoon because he got an lcp in that I recently started looking for. $320 out the door seemed like a very fair price to me so I picked it up and while I was leaving I caught a glance of CZ 75 compact setting in his case. After holding it I decided I had to have it to but at $579 I decided to sweat him down a little. Left him a voicemail later that evening and I'm hoping he calls me back Monday with a better price.
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