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  1. Been doing a little research on this gun & so far it's sounding good. I have a little tax money set aside and am in the market for a new toy. Already decided on a 9mm because I have several & buy the ammo in bulk. This will not be a carry gun so the full size and compact are both on the table. What are your views or have you had any issues with this model.

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  2. You have used the "search" feature, haven't you?

    They are well loved around here. I have "a few" CZs, but for your question I have a full sized 75 9mm and a Compact 9mm. The full size has the "omega" trigger and I wish it didn't. The Compact is probably my favorite range 9 and not a bad carry either, 9mm.

    I rarely hear people disappointed with CZs but it is even more rare to hear complaints about the "originals". One member here is unhappy with the trigger on his fullsize stainless but that is about the only complaint I have ever heard about that full original.

    I have to say that for my short thumbs the size of the OEM thumb safety makes cocked and locked far more awkward that the smooth DA first shot. On the other hand the CZ decockers (My P-06 for instance) are one of the two best, ergonomically designed decockers I have ever used.

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    Yeah, Its not like this is a "discussion forum" or something.
  4. funny thing. When I am doing research, that's what I do, research first. I'd hate to think that some useful information might not show up in my thread because the person with it didn't see the thread or was tired of posting it .

    So, do you have any experience to contribute to the thread or not?
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    Nah, I'm mostly here for the free beer
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    Great pistols you will enjoy it.
  7. CZ 75 is a great pistol and the Kadet kit is awesome!
  8. I've owned about a dozen 75 9mm pistols. All had nice SA triggers, and the DA's were quite usable, too. My favorite stock 75 is the SAO version; the trigger pull needs no work at all. I had CZ Custom convert an SA/DA 75 and a Rami sub-compact to SAO, with their custom hammer and flat trigger; the pull on those guns compares well with excellent 1911 triggers.

    All of my CZ 9mm's were totally reliable, too.
  9. I enjoy my 75BD probably more than almost any handgun I own. The only one that rivals it is an old SW 39 from the early 60's. It points better and the ergos are better than all of my guns put together. For me anyway. About 6 months ago I decided I should carry it since I shoot it better than the rest. After packing around a 5" and commander length 1911, it really doesnt bother me. Why not carry a firearm you shoot well, is a natural fit, and is dead nuts reliable? I couldn't come up with a reason either.

  10. I own many CZs and they are all outstanding.
  11. No doubt, The CZ 75
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    czs rule, mine runs 100% if i use grease but gets failures to go into battery with oil, get youself some vz g10 grips, the plastic ones suck. Accurate as anything
  13. I have three CZ pistols, Two are 75series models. One is a 1987 CZ 82. All three are great reliable pistols. My addiction to CZ's started with a CZ75b followed by the CZ82, and the latest and favorite CZ of them all is the CZPO-1. So be forewarned they can be very addictive.
  14. I currently own a CZ 75B in stainless. I really like the pistol, in my opinion it is one of the best all steel 9mm combat pistols made. I had mine reworked by CZ Custom and it is even better.

    I bought a CZ P07 Duty and really liked it and it was very accurate, but a friend bought it from me, and I regret selling it.

    The entire CZ line is great and if I had to have one it would be a CZ 75B.
  15. My SP-01 had some stovepipes with weak 115 gr ammo with the stock recoil spring, but it's heavily sprung. The SP-01 is a CZ-75 with a full-length dust cover 1913 rail and night sights. I would suggest looking into one.
    With the trigger and hammer work, it's one of my favorite guns.

    Working on it is not like a Glock, it's a lot more complex. But the full-steel construction makes this thing a great gun for long range trips; what's recoil?
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    the 75 is a Fantastic platform.

    Ive competed with both Tanfoglio/EAAs (Italian clones) & CZ 75's in IDPA/USPSA

    Wonderful handguns.

    Tanfoglio/EAA witness Elite 9mm

    CZ 75 Shadow Target 9mm[​IMG]
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    The CZ-75 is a fantastic firearm, buy one w/o worries.

    Look at all these other helpful posts by folks who did not 'feel' the need to bust the OP's balls about not performing a search first.
  18. *ASH*

    cut him some slack he does live here with 30 posts a day :rofl::wavey::wavey:
  19. My plastic pistols come and go but my CZs are here to stay. The PO1 is one of my favorites.
  20. I like the CZs. I don't have a ton of experience behind one but have a student that comes in for his hour of P/I every Thursday who runs one. We usually run 200-300 rounds an hour doing drills and whatnot. The thing has never hesitated. The wife likes the CZ75 as well. I've never heard a cross word aimed toward the 75.

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