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Cylinder & Slide-PM 9 VA 59XX

Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by Tough Guy Levi, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Howdy:

    Recently received my Kahr PM 9 from Cylinder & Slide (Freemont, NE). Purchased in June 05, my Kahr has been reliable since new, the Kahr Factory Tune-Up in the 14,000+ (not a typo) range and recently sent it off (20,000+ rounds) to C&S for their Package 2 (

    My C&S Kahr is still reliable since I loaded up several mags of different ammo types mixing them in my mags. Not a problem, weapon didn't miss a beat and shells normally hitting my glasses or forehead are ejected way off to my right. Drats, hard to retrieve shell casing now they aren't in my immediate vacinity!

    Prior to sending my Kahr to C&S, my night sights were PT-IWI-two rear yellow dots, one green dot up front. As one grows older the front sight seams harder to "pick up" thus had C&S install XS Sights (Big DOT-up front). What a difference a day makes! The golf ball up front sight isn't hard to pick up! These sights are for defensive purposes, not target shooting. I was able to place the front sight on target and obtain very very respectible groups. Several other enthusiasts at Evans Shooting World (indoor range) Orange, CA had a chance to try out my "reworked" Kahr and found a liking not only to it but also the XS Sights!!

    Except for one enthusiast, all (5) that had a chance to try out my C&S Kahr owned weapons that were too large for their small hands. Instead of the weapon held in the center of the web of their shooting hands, 4 enthusiasts had to align the weapon to the left of center of the web of their shooting hand thus the felt recoil wasn't straight up the shooting arm but more towards the joint of their thumb. Not cool!!

    Slide stop sharp edges aren't anymore and mags that kind of fell or had to be pulled from the weapon when empty are now literally ejected. Faster reloads in the indoor range were accomplished with ease. Didn't have the magazine well beveled since I can accomplish reloads fairly quick.

    I don't notice much difference in the trigger pull since it was great prior to me sending my weapon to C&S. Might be a tad lighter but felt the same to me. The trigger was polished, radiused felt more comfortable but again the trigger was fine prior to C&S magic.

    Since I had 20,000 plus rounds down range in my initial Kahr barrel, I purchased a new one from Kahr and mailed it along with my "used" barrel. My new barrel was re-crowned 11 degrees but I had to wait for a barrel exchange since C&S discovered a defect in the new barrel I recently purchased from Kahr. Kahr gladly replaced the defective barrel (very rough chamber) and have an inquiry into why the chamber was so rough. My weapon would not have ejected shells properly even after the work on extractor to improve feeding reliability.

    A Kahr K-9 striker replaced the PM 9 striker but for what reasons, don't have a clue. You can look at Kahr C&S Package 2 for specific details about customization. I paid a bit more because C&S fitted my barrel to made sure it functioned flawlessly in my weapon. We all know about peening etc and since receiving my weapon back from C&S, again, it hasn't missed a beat!

    Tough Guy Levi
    Orange CA
    NRA Cert Pistol Inst.
    SASS# 61430L
  2. willowofwisp


    Jul 28, 2009
    sweet and thanks for the any pics?

  3. Howdy:

    My C&S Kahr PM 9 doesn't look any different than the Kahr photos depicted in C&S website. I was able to take a few late last night but will take more, better photos this weekend.

    If you all are used to two dots (hopefully night sights) rear sight/front, the XS sights ( for me took several mags to get used to but pleasantly so. Normally C&S install the XS "Standard" Dot up front but I'm happy I ordered ("aged" eyes) the Big Dot. A call to XS confirmed my decision. "XS Sights" aren't for target practice but for defense purposes thus having a golf ball sight up front is far superior than our standard dot up front"!

    Was the C&S Inc ( customization worth it? Would I have the customization on a to be purchased P 380 when available to CA? Yes I would but if money was tight, I'd have XS Sights installed from the get go, have the factory tune-up when needed and go from there! Besides the XS Sights, the ejection of spent cases is more positive than prior to the customization. The feed ramp is a mirror and customization was performed on the barrel too. No FTF with mixed "bag" of ammo during my initial C&S shooting nor did I expect any since my Kahr PM 9 has been reliable since purchase.

    Tough Guy Levi
    Orange, CA
    PS: My fanny pack is a ( and yes, I ride a Harley (01 Heritage Softail Classic). By placing a patch on the pack (could be camera or any patch other than a "gun" patch including NRA) I've never been asked if I was carrying a weapon. Riders wear fanny packs all the time for obvious reasons. Camera buffs too wear fanny packs etc.

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  4. I'm at an age where I probably should have had the Big Dot sights installed on my CCW guns four, five years ago. But I also still refuse reading glasses whenever possible...

    And I've thought about the C&S package for my K9. So, overall a timely post for me.
  5. Patchman:

    I take off my glasses to read thus when shooting I wear my normal glasses. One of my shooting enthusiast friends has tried ( and has liked the results. I've haven't tried these stick-on Optx 20/20 bifocals. Since I posted a message about my C&S experience I can't "wait" for your message about Optx!!! ONLY KIDDING

    From SoCa

    Tough Guy Levi