Custom Rails on my G26 for Weapon Light

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by GLOCKTOMETRY, May 17, 2011.

  1. Ive been wanting go buy an extra frame to experiment on... Now I think I'm sold on the idea!! I can see it now....

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  2. Looks great, nice job!

  3. I can't believe I've never seen anybody do this. Good work. Like the holster too. You're very crafty.
  4. Officer's Match

    Officer's Match S.R.D. v

    Good thought.

    This is awesome! Simplistically brilliant! Please add/include me in your fan club/admiration society.

    So, I've followed the threads from the beginning, and have noted the absence of posts since Mar, 2012. However, it's late Jly,2012, so I'm hoping the lack of recent postings is a result of the spring/summer season.....and we will be honored with an updated post from you.


    Any chance of getting a template? Please? Let me know where to send a 'contribution'.

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. His write-up of the process should be enough to replicate it, no? Just make one, then use it for your template :supergrin: Doesn't everyone have a baby glock? :wavey:
  7. :embarassed: You're probably right/correct.... I just 'thought' if a template was either under development or available, it made sense to ask for it.
  8. I have to say this is excellent work. So simple and yet nobody has attempted this previously. Surprising given the amount of Glock owners that have modified frames previously.

    Now you will have to make a holster for it!
  9. Aesthetically well done. Now the real question about how it's held up. I'd be interested to know if there has been any splitting/separation on the sides. Some of the areas look pretty thin after the mod.
  10. That looks like something the Terminator would use....

    Nicely Done....

    Hmmm.... I wonder if there would be a way for a company to come up with a glock frame that could be thinner than stock, and incorporate rails on it just like this.. ?

    All you'd need to do is remove all of the parts from your stock glock, and drop them into it....

    Anyone know of this kind of thing being out there, or in the works?
  11. How does it hold up? I have watched many slow mo videos of glocks firing and the part of the frame that you cut twists and ripples like waves. Unseen by the naked eye, the front of the polymer frame moves a ton. Have you noticed any cracking or breakage from recoil thus far?
  12. I don't know if this helps but I have put 1,000's rounds of Underwood's finest through my G20SF with a Viridian X5L fitted with zero issues. No cracking, nothing weird, just rock solid target acquisition in all lighting conditions.
  13. Anyone heard from GLOCKTOMETRY how this is working out? Like all the others here, I would love to have rails on my 26, but don't know about the long term outcome.
  14. Dang wanna modify my gen 4 27 for me??... my thoughts exactly - WHY didnt they put a rail on the gen 4 Glocks!... cool mod!
  15. atoosa

    I used this post to fabricate the rails on my 26. Turned out great. Took it to the range. Worked without issue. Getting a custom holster made. Will post pics shortly. Thanks again...:tongueout:
  16. Ok, I've figured out why Glock won't put rails on the 26/27/33.
    It's because it would then become the perfect carry pistol and they wouldn't sell any of the other models!
  17. RayB

    RayB Retired Member


    That is not at all illogical, coming from a merchandising standpoint!. You need a progression of features in a product assortment to justify the step up to the next model. Otherwise, exactly what you said will and does happen!

    Of course, if Glock's closest competitors all offer rails on their sub-compact models, Glock will eventually have to address this if they don't want to lose that niche in the marketplace!

    Smaller, more efficient rail-mounted accessories will also apply pressure to Glock to add rails to their G26! The LaserMax Genesis, for example, is useless on the compact and full size frames, because 99% of people will need to use two hands to activate that particular laser on all but the Sub-Contact frames...

    Nice work by the OP! :wavey:

  18. The frame is the part that is considered the actual pistol. If another company made a frame then it would need to be purchased as a firearm just as another pistol. That would be my guess as to why and also that this is a niche setup. I like it but I have way too many other pistols to have a need for the mod but if I only had a subcompact I would consider this.
  19. What a great mod. I also have a C5L and I recently cut a 2nd rail slot (i.e picatinny style) into my G19 so I could use key with both bolts. And I must say you did a way better job than I.

    Looking forward to seeing holster results. My glock 19 with C5L runs in either a Galco King Tuk or Tacloc which were both made in conjuction with virdian, so those might be viable options if you needed a backup plan.

    Also in this thread there is a G26 with the G19 XGrip adapter and it makes for a great looking little gun. I know the popular mod is to cut down a G19 grip to the G26 size, but Id rather have the G26 slide on a G19 grip.
  20. Hi, I just saw your modification for your glock 26 in relation to adding the C5L light, and i was wondering what type of holder are you using for that specific glock with its modification?


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