Custom Rails on my G26 for Weapon Light

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by GLOCKTOMETRY, May 17, 2011.

  1. Bowtie

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  2. Very cool, and brave(that's a big mod IMHO).

  3. Great...
    Now I want one...
  4. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    Thats awesome.Good work...:thumbsup:
  5. I was thinking glock doesn't offer it on the new 26's and 27's because it would be costly and cut profits, but then again, they had to change the mold in order to make the gen 4's. :dunno:
  6. vmann

    vmann Controller

    sweet....nice job
  7. Ahmid


    Whew, I am speechless. Beautiful work...
  8. Thanks for all your kind words guys! I feel very welcomed here.
  9. I really REALLY dig that mod. A little filing or sanding would help restore the look of texture, and make it look more factory.

    I've wondered myself why glock doesn't incorporate a rail into the 26/27, but on my CCW gun, I have no use for a rail anyway. Not to detract at all from your setup, awesome.
  10. You could do my g27 next when you feel up to it. That's very cool
  11. SalfromCal

    SalfromCal Senior Member

    The CTC laser sight with the trigger guard attachment works perfect on the 26/27 for CCW, I think the main reason why Glock doesn't incorporate a rail for a light into this model is because will be to bulky and uncomfortable but with the Viridian C5L light/laser and the awesome job of GLOCKTOMETRY setup, is a complete different story!:cool:
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  12. Nice job. certainly looks like another option instead of cutting the grip down on a G19...and you still have the benefit of the shorter barrel/slide. Nicely done!
  13. damn fine job
  14. About the structural integrity...anyone that can compare a gen 2 and gen 3 frame of a 19/23? is there a difference in molding/reinforcement in that area? Just curious.

    Not knocking the work, it looks legit and awesome mod. Jealous, I am.
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  15. I use my 26 for CCW, and I don't like the added bulk of the holsters that work with lights, and the light itself. Not to say it doesn't work for others, it's just me. Also, I use my gun/rig for IDPA, so putting a light on it isn't allowed there, and I don't want to use 2 rigs, if 1 works well already. Besides gun lights are the #1 choice of people who want to point a firearm at whatever they're trying to see. I keep a flashlight near-by. Again though, I really like this setup, and if I had a need for a rail, THIS is how I'd do it. Pure genius.
  16. RustyDaleShackleford

    RustyDaleShackleford Giblet Head

    Whether a light or laser was actually put on a 26/27 or not, I think Glocks just plain look better when they've got the rail. It matches their whole square/blocky thing, along with the squared slides and sharp-angled trigger guards. I'd rather have factory rails even if I didn't use them.
  17. lol, that's why I condisering it, still. My fiance has a ruger SR9c and it has a rail, she taunts me with it :steamed:

    Although the funnest reason to have a forward rail is for a grip and 33 round mags.... too bad it's not legal, nor would I want to do it with this setup. Don't think the dust cover would hold that kind of stress.
  18. Does this void your warranty?
    The Duckbill looks rather thin where the side cuts were done.
  19. Next to the FNP 45 Tac w/90 lumen Insight M6


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  20. Seriously your my new hero! I've always wanted a rail on the G26 and thought the 4th Gens would have it too but was let down.

    Thanks for the great step-by-step pix! Great job!

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