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  1. You know, I never thought I'd see a WASR that I paid $350 for new in 2003 that now runs over $850 at a local shop. They only had three left, too. They did have a number of the PAP pistols, though; two in 7.62 and half a dozen or so in .223. They had a rule, though; one centerfire rifle, one rimfire rifle, one centerfire "high-cap" pistol, and one rimfire pistol per customer.

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  2. 850 isn't so bad... I've seen em above 1100 around here.

  3. That's actually what I was thinking, with the current mess. This was at probably the highest-priced shop around, too; they don't normally even like to carry AKs.
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    Yep... $850 is the norm for a WASR around my area too.
  5. Even before new town a WASR in my parts was selling for 600 in a shop. After taxes its pretty close to $650.

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    Rifles: not too bad. Magazines: pretty bad. Ammunition: really bad.
  7. barth

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    For me - local rifles, mags and ammo are just pretty much unavailable.

    Some handgun ammo, but not much.
    Online 5.56/.223 is hard to come by and high priced.
    And Bulgarian Circle 10 5.56 mags went from $32 to $40 to $45 to $65.
    If there are any left at all...

    I got my AK, mags and ammo by the skin of my teeth.
    I've never seen anything like this before.
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  8. I was able to pick up some 40 rounders Bulgarian mags for 20 bucks last week. Glad I was able to get those. The Draco AK's are priced over 900 bucks now. Crazy...

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  9. I will admit ive been thinking about selling the AK74 and ammo I have to finance a decent 1911 or HKp7 type of pistol lol. Prices are almost too nuts not to lol.
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  10. I'm with you, I've been contemplating selling my Vector AK with Circle 10 mags and ammo. Just a question of whether I want to part with an AK potentially forever.
  11. prices are gettting so far past insane, i think i can sell my wasr and my ar....

    and retire.
  12. Sold a wasr today for $800 with 4 mags, couldnt see over a grand like there selling for right now, guy was very happy with it for the price

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  13. Saw one at a gun show today for $999.

    I just traded a guitar for a wasr10. The nice thing is, I got the guitar for free. :)

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  14. Wow, and to think I thought I got an ok deal on mine for $415 about a year ago. I'd hate to see how much my mint norinco sks-m with thumbhole stock would go for right now. Especially since I got it for $125 with three mags and a little over 100rnds! Granted that was about 6 years ago and the guy was in need of money pretty bad.

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  15. when we start thinking that 850 ain't bad for a wasr ... the world is coming to an end for sure.
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    That Looks Real Nice!
  17. Let me know if you do! Lol. I'm thinking I'm going to try to find something in 5.45x39, since I already have several hundred rounds of it.
  18. I thought AKs were too much when I paid +- $500 for a WASR and Polish underfolder about 2 years ago. I am told by a local shop they didn't buy any WASR 10s when recently available because the distributor is charging $900 for them, because most of them come from only a few distributors.
  19. Buddy has a SKS with a 30 rd mag he wants $350 for it's in good shape. Sound like a good deal considering the times?
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  20. Even before the panic it sounds like a decent deal. Now it is a great deal.

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