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Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Thx-1138, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Two-Six

    Two-Six Senior Member

    Can I please have a number!

    Possibly 026? or something with a 26 in it

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  2. How do I become a Carolina Glocker?

  3. GMT

    GMT GMT224

    G26 if you please.
  4. I would like 1968 as a member #. It was an important year in my life. Jack
  5. bimmerland

    bimmerland Bimmerland

    Put in a request in Jan for #1944. Can you please verify. Thanks
  6. Can I have 2469 please?
  7. add me please.
  8. Zeff

    Add me to the list as well.
  9. JBD


    I was member 0. JBD. Did i get kicked out?
  10. please add me and give me a number thanks Joe Carthage NC
  11. would love to become a member maybe 1313?
  12. Could I get a number please ? Thanks
  13. mg1cigar

    mg1cigar mg1cigar

    Thank you sir!!
  14. I don't think i was ever giving a number ? If i haven't been giving a number would you please do it now. :dunno:
  15. Durham, NC What's my number?
  16. any number will do North Carolina here.
  17. Would like to join if there is such a thing. I am in Raleigh.
  18. throb

    throb tar heel rob

    Could I be assigned 1953? If not taken!
  19. From Ridgeway, SC. If 1958 is available I would love to have. If not 1958 to a power of 10 would be a good alternative.

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