Current Glock Finish (2012 Production) - What do YOU have?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Sammael, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Sammael

    Sammael Ich tu dir Weh.

    Just curious as to what people are getting out of Smyrna these days...

    Everyone remembers the finish of the first Gen4 models - the grey, parkerized looking finish that seems to scratch when you look at it...

    Compare that to the nearly indestructible slicker, 'teflon-like' finish of old...

    Buyers of newer pistols are reporting that Glock is returning somewhat to a darker finish, so I am curious:

    If you bought a 2012 Glock, what's your prefix, and what type of finish did you end up with?

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  3. Sammael

    Sammael Ich tu dir Weh.

    Quick addendum:

    I'm personally considering buying a TGR prefix from a dealer online. Of course, I've seen a few pics, but it is hard to tell whether this is the 'newer' darker finish, or if it is simply the Gen4 style finish that has been oiled up.

    I own a Gen4 G21 (RVL prefix) that I love in every way but the finish. I've used it for 6 months or so, and it looks like it's been dragged behind a truck - In contrast, I own a 2005 G19 that I have beaten the living hell out of for the last 7 years, and it still looks great. :dunno:

    So... before someone asks 'It's a tool, does it really matter???' Yes, it does. It matters to me. My truck is also a tool, but I wouldn't buy one with an inferior paint job off the line that in 6 months would look like I took a screwdriver to it, either. Aesthetics mean very little in a defensive firearm, but that is no reason to accept sub-par quality when it comes to the durability of the finish.

    With that said...

    If YOU bought a 2012 production Glock, what is your prefix, and which finish did you end up with?

    Also, does anyone know when they started to return to the darker, more durable finish?


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  4. Mine is TDM and I love the finish!

  5. I read really good things about the new finish so I bought one.
    G-17 and the finish seams tuff as nails ! 2500 rounds and just
    starting to see "THE GLOCK SMILE" on the barrel.
  6. Sammael

    Sammael Ich tu dir Weh.

    dango: If you don't mind me asking, what prefix is your G17?

  7. ttd............!?
  8. Prefix on my G19 is TKY. The finish looks the same as my older gen 3's, nice and dark.
  9. Gen 4 23 prefix TMG test fire date 7/19/12 ... gray finish. Love it, no holster wear or barrel yet and the slide is MUCH gripper than my older G4 19 and G3 26 with the darker finish.
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  10. All of my Glocks with a 2012 test-fire date/born-on date have the "middle" finish. Not quite as black and shiny as the older models, but not as gray/matte finished as some of the recent models (both Gen3 and Gen4) have been.

    I saw that you were looking for a S/N specifically for a G17 Gen4--mine is SNWxxx, with a "middle" finish.
  11. Genin

    Genin Designated Left

    My G19 wiht Serial PYS has the grey, easily scratched finish but is more grippy. I have a 26 and 19 that are in the T serial range and they both have the middle finish. It's kind of shiny and slick but not nearly as dark and teflon-ish as the old finish. Hope that helps.
  12. I have a 1st run gen 4 G22, crap gray finish that wears. I have another gen 4 G22 bought in June, same crap finish. Unless you can inspect it upon buying there's no telling what finish your going to get.
  13. Sammael

    Sammael Ich tu dir Weh.

    Fuzzy: Prefix on your second G22? S, maybe T series?

    The way its looking so far is that the T series all pretty much have the 'middle' finish... which is an excellent way to describe the very latest, from what I have seen personally.
  14. Brings to mind another question , yes , another one !
    Does the finish matter weather made in USA or Austria ?

    The one I just bought in mid September is made in Austria and I am quite happy with the finish ! The only flaw in the finish that is detectable is on the extractor but all else is flawless.
  15. jnc54

    My gen 4 17 TK ser# looks more black than my gen 4 26 TM ser# witch has a more greyish finish.
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  16. My G23 g3 test fire 3/22/2012 has a nice dark finish

    Serial STY7XX


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  17. TCP, & it's the grayish. Same as my 1st one.
  18. Off the Glock website:


    Nitrite Treatment
    All GLOCK metal parts are treated with a Nitration finishing process that optimizes the molecular structure of those surfaces.

    This progressive technology delivers a high degree of surface hardness,
    maximum durability, and exceptional corrosion resistance,
    that provides many years of trouble-free service under the harshest environmental conditions.
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  19. Mine does not have that. Glock 17 Austria-prefix TTD.
    So that would make it a gen.3......!
    Either way , I'm content with it but will mention this in a polite
    way next time I'm there. Thanks.
  20. I have purchased dozens of Glocks and have not had any issues with the finish on any and I am aware they are not high end 1911 pistols. Shoot the thing! :cool:
  21. Glock claims the last 2 years have the new Nitration finishing process

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