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Curious about hunting in Central Fl......

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by FLGlock30, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Hey fella's I am definitley in love with firearms and have wanted to get in to hunting. Have never been and im located in Cetral Florida.

    Does any one have any tips on where to go, How much gear would i need including licenses,also if there is any fellow Gter's that are gonna go, maybe we could meet up? and i have no clue how to clean animals do local butchers do it? Maybe I should not go for big game since i have a small freezer.

    I only have some .45, .22pistols, .357 2inch revolver and Sar-1 7.62x39 could i use these? Thanks
    keep shootin;I
  2. How far central are you?

    I hunt regularly in the So.Central fl area mainly in the Three Lakes WMA area near the turnpike and 441 which is a state public hunting ground. This is located in the southern portion of Oseceola county about 50 miles south of St cloud. I 've also hunt in the far western area of Brevard counties on private land and the same thing with a friend ranch in Brooksville. Both of these area aren't really central-central but close enough. Other good areas to hunt that are public ( specially for deer ) is Ocala National Forest.

    As far as the regs and rules, have you seen the FWC website?

    Here's a link;

    poke around here to get ideas of public hunting grounds managed via the state. Use the right weapon per season and game and follow their rules to the T.


    Don't use a rifle in archery season


    Don't use a rifle/handgun in small game season.

    carry the right permits

    ( federal duck/migratory/quota-permits if applicable,etc........hunt the right game in the correct season )

    If you have questions ask a FWC ofc or check station attendent or call the regional FWC admin office for advice.

    As far as what to bring, that depends on alot of what are you trying to hunt???? ( birds/deer/hog/etc...., time or year and local terrain conditions..... )

    Most butchers shops will not dress game but meat proccessors will. BUT why waste 20-50 dollars when you can do it you're self. Small games animals are easier to clean then larger game animals,so I would suggest that you start small. Yes, that means go out and shoot a squirrel or rabbit and learn to dress them before going out for a bigger animal like a Hog or Deer. Trust me the same techniques are needed on both but the only thing different is the size.

    good luck.

    btw: I will be up in 3 Lakes WMA for spring turkey and hope to bag a Osecola.

  3. DeLandSkyjumper

    DeLandSkyjumper Play'naNewGame

    Jun 30, 2003
    Remember, if the bushes shake, it might be a human.
  4. DeLandSkyjumper

    DeLandSkyjumper Play'naNewGame

    Jun 30, 2003
    FLGlock30, I didn't mean for my original post to come off sounding sarcastic, was not my intention. When hunting in a WMA, be extremely careful, since they are public stomping grounds, you never know who all is out there and where they are. Every now and then, you will here of someone being shot because they were usually mistaken for a deer. And make sure that your vest is highly visable from all view points.

    Be safe.