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Discussion in 'New England Colonial Club' started by madone, May 14, 2007.

  1. An interesting sub-topic in this thread


    has me curious, who is right?

    If I go someplace and am required to disarm, can I or can I not leave my loaded pistol in my vehicle? 1 says says, 1 says no.

    I cannot find any laws that stop me from doing this, but the "no" person seems pretty adamant he knows the rules.

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  2. Okay, I read some of that thread, but it is long and full of legal articles etc. I agree with the "no" guy. My understanding of CT law is that a loaded pistol HAS to be concealed on the person with the permit. A bunch of posts over there kept bringing up the part about having a loaded gun in a car with a person with the proper permit. Well, that "permit" is a Concealed Carry Pistol Permit. So my take is that a loaded pistol, in a car, HAS to be concealed on the body of the person with the permit.

    My understanding of transporting other guns, such as rifles, is that they are to be unloaded, and the ammo is to be locked up separately.

    My understanding, also, is that you can own a pistol in your own house and walk around with it (in your house) all day long without a permit.

    People can pick apart the laws all day long. The particular incident described in that thread, about the off duty officer being told to not bring in his weapon, was one of those incidents that every law can't cover every time. Do you really want laws to be THAT specific? I am surprised that the supervisor did not allow the officer in with his weapon, but that was his call at the time.

    I've lived in CT my whole life, and I never seem to have any problem with the gun laws. CT is FULL of people who carry concealed, and that's just it -- it's concealed, so you don't know they are carrying. Get a concealed pistol permit, which you will get if you don't have any criminal record, and you are good to go. If you choose to carry, keep your gun on you and concealed.

  3. Hef

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    CT has no statutory prohibition on open carry. The permit says "State Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers". The "requirement" to conceal is the fear of being arrested and having your permit subsequently revoked, with the charge being "creating a public disturbance", or a similar charge.

  4. Yes, I have heard that, and also have been told (as you point out) that open carry will probably get you in trouble one way or another.

    The permit does say to "Carry", as I understand it meaning on your person, not have one nearby in your vehicle.
  5. Hef

    Hef Stop Obammunism

    It depends on the part of the state you're in. In northern CT, farm country, you probably wouldn't get hassled for open carrying like you would at the Danbury or Orange malls.

    The police have way to much discretionary power in CT for me to leave a loaded firearm in my vehicle. I'd unload it, lock it out of sight, and take all the ammo and mags with me.
  6. Jene

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    Way too much fear of the police here..... The statute deals with weapons in a MV, and the list of those is long, to include martial arts weapons, knives, brass knuckles, etc... not just guns. As long as you are the permit holder, and it is your vehicle, you are good to go to leave it in the car. Just use common sense..... leaving it in the car, exposed, in a bad area of a large crime infested city may get you jammed up if its stolen..... a reckless endangerment charge, or such. I have never arrested a permit holder for weapon in a MV, just cause he didnt have his loaded firearm on his person.
  7. Thanks Jene for that reply. I am just going by what I have been told, which is too keep cool and keep it concealed. I am a member of the local VFD, so I know most of the local PD and they are all good people. Actually, I might ask one of them what their thoughts are on this, seeing as how they are the ones who I would probably be dealing with if this situation came up with me! lol
  8. Jene - which dept. do you work for?

    Tvov - gotta agree with you; I've never had a problem here in CT either. Of course, I also try not to be too stupid with my firearms.
  9. Jene

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    Gun laws in this state are not as bad as some seem to make out.... its not like its Massachussetts. Permits are fairly easy to get, handgun purchases are not an issue with a permit. The only stupid law is the assault weapons law, a law that was put together by administators that have no clue as to firearms. By and large, you will find most police officers are pro-gun.
  10. usmc4641

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    Sec 29-28 subsection e
    allows an individual or group who control a property to determine if ccw is allowed there.
    That being said if they choose to make it a gun free zone and you are made aware of this, then it is legally enforcible, however it dsoes not say if it is a felony or misdemeanor.
    In those cases I unload and use a cable lock to affix my pistol to the rails under the driver's seat.
    It is not against the law to keep it loaded in your vehicle, but that is what I do, just in case something happens and I have not readily armed a criminal. This way I can feel confident that I took reasonable measures. Perhaps it is a feelgood precaution, but it does just that, makes me feel good.
  11. harlenm

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    First off, I was one of the main people in that thread.

    There is no law regarding carrying of guns in a vehicle besides for the one mentioned. If you have a permit, you can carry the gun anyway you want, on your person, in your glovebox, etc. Trust me, the guy who says you can't isn't right.

    As for the gun free zones, my understanding of this is that it is not a crime to carry in a place that is marked "no guns allowed". It only becomes a crime if you are told to leave and you either don't, or you come back in and are carrying. Then you are guilty of some form of trespassing, not sure exactly what.

    There are alot of rumors about the laws, but you have to read them carefully. The way it works is it's legal unless there is a law that prohibits it. So, unless someone can cite a statute that says, "cannot be in a vehicle with a weapon, even if a permit has been issued, unless said weapon is on ones person and properly concealed in regards to statute xx.xx", it is perfectly legal to have it in your glovebox. Open carry is definitely legal as well, go into any gun store and look at the clerks. However, there are too many people that are scared of guns, and there is the whole "disturbing the peace" statute which can be applied to almost anything.

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