Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe for G26

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by JDSilva87, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Got a link?

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  2. it was in an earlier post :cool:

  3. Does carrying IWB cause any of you back pains? I actually stopped carrying my wallet in my back pocket because tot was causing me back pains. I think carrying IWB might be doing the same.....
  4. Glock has 12 round magazines for the G26 or you can just but Glock OEM + 2 floorplates and save a bundle. They add enough for you're pinky to grip and 2 more rounds doesn't hurt either. They add very little to the size of the "baby" Glock. Wifey loves the +2 mag extensions on hers. Crossbreed makes a fine product and is the "prototype" of all the other hybrids.
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    Just wanted to say I agree with this as well. The 26-19 X-grips feel great. I can't stand the feel of a G-19. The +2 mags are OK I guess. I just use GAPs and at times the 19 X-grip set up. Works great AIWB!

    Nice combo you have there OP. I would def move that holster up to 3-4 though. That SOB draw stroke must be brutal.
  6. A little of topic, but me to. Anything over about 30 oz or so causes me pain in back or hip. I actually prefer to keep the weight under about 21 ounces. Had a back injury when I was 25 years old.

    I can carry heavier pistols in a shoulder rig of various types.
  7. I have now moved the holster up to the 2nd notch and put one of the clips at 9:00. It seems the most comfortable at that location for me right now. I'll definitely have to order a mag and a Xgrip. Thank you all for showing me that.
  8. If i set on it all day it would. but I usually take it out if driving for more than 20 mins.
  9. In the 3-4 o clock/ 8-9 o clock for lefties the gun doesn't poke out too much for you? Is that most common position to carry iwb?
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    These days in my supertuck at around 4 o'clock, I find that the 19 is more comforting than the 26 and the 17 is most comforting of all! Sometimes I wonder why I have a 26, it's a great gun, but the 19 always gets first round pick. I don't have a comfort issue with any of them (and I'm not exactly small in the waistline). My 26 gets bellyband duty occasionally though.
  11. As already pointed out, get the next size up magazine and a grip sleeve, i've got the G33 with a 32 mag and A&G grip sleeve in the cbst as well, works great, disappears.

    Cant wait to get one for my 3" Kimber.
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