Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe for G26

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by JDSilva87, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Just to give you a background about me I bought my first gun last year. I knew that I wanted to get good enough at shooting that I could carry concealed with confidence. I sought out training and accomplished that goal.

    I got my permit three weeks ago. Ever since I bought my gun a year ago I have been researching and reading reviews on different holsters. I read articles on OWB vs. IWB vs Appendix vs. pocket or something like a smartcarry. I had no idea how I wanted to carry or which one I would prefer for comfort.

    I knew that I liked that Crossbreed offered a lifetime warranty and a two week buy back program. I figured I couldn't go wrong. Just order it, try it and return it if I didn't like it.

    I'm a lefty so while I was waiting for my holster to be made and shipped I got a $10 generic OWB holster from my local sporting goods store. It was so uncomfortable and I didn't like OWB carry at all. I was afraid that the crossbreed wouldn't be much more comfortable. I couldn't have been more wrong.

    As soon as I opened up the package I put on the crossbreed gun belt and the holster. I put it on at the 8:00 position (i'm a lefty) and I instantly fell in love. I really dont think that there could be a more comfortable way to strap a gun that weighs a couple pounds on your hip.

    I ordered the horsehide option for the G26 left handed. The holster itself looks massive and when I first saw it I was thinking that there was no way this huge piece of leather would be at all comfortable.

    The gun rode too high for me out the box so I adjusted it to the lowest setting. The gun just disappeared. I haven't messed with the cant or anything with this holster. I am satisfied with the cant that it comes with out of the box.

    The only gripe for me is that the G26 is hard to draw out of the holster. However, I think it would be hard to draw the G26's short 2 finger grip out of any holster. I kinda wish I bought the G19 now instead of the G26. Maybe I can justify my next gun purchase now?? :tongueout:

    I've gone to walmart, lowes, home depot with the crossbreed so far and haven't been worried about people seeing it or anything. With the OWB holster I was sweating I was so nervous that I was going to bend down wrong and expose my gun but thats a personal preference.

    I added a couple pictures of the holster while I'm wearing it and it off. Let me know what you think!

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  3. gh32

    I've been considering a crossbreed holster too.It seems most everyone that has tried one likes it.

  4. I think you made a very wise decision in purchasing a Crossbreed Super Tuk. I carry by Glock30 everyday in one.

    You mentioned that the G26 was hard to draw from the holster. I found the same thing true with my G30. I found myself having to put my thumb on the front of the rear site to draw it with the grip I would present with.

    I did not like that so I cut off the upper part of the holster so I could grip the gun for presentation without modifications. I have NOT noticed any loss of comfort.

    Hickok45 did the same to one of his Crossbreed Holsters that I did to mine.

    I think you will find it to be the most comfortable holster on the market.

    Good Luck! :cool:

    [ame=""]Legal Carry ( Inside the Waistband) - YouTube[/ame]
  5. I'm a Crossbreed wearing, G26 totin' lefty as well, I would let the gun ride one hole higher for a better grip and safer reholstering, yet with minimal loss of concealablilty. In your pic from the rear, I wear the rearmost holster clip on the left side of the rear center belt loop, rather than on the right side, as you do, ie more towards the 9 o'clock position.
    Adding a GAP floor plate also helps with getting a good grip on the upward draw stroke (your ring finger will jam against the floor plate on the upward draw).
    I wear an undershirt, not only for all day comfort, but to prevent my thumbnail from cutting my back up on a vigorous draw stroke. And I do have a combat cut on my CB.

    Lastly, concentrate on bringing your strong hand to the gun with the thumb raised (as in giving a thumbs up). This lessens the interference with the leather sweat guard.
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  6. SCmasterblaster

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    Good buy, brother. Enjoy it!
  7. It looks like Hickok wears his closer to the front too. I played around with it last night and I is much more comfortable when sitting a little more forward.
  8. I am a right handed person, but also have the crossbreed. I like it but I feel that I have to wear an under shirt so that my Gen 4 26 doesn't rub me. Mine is also a horse hid. I also bought a N82 tactical holister and think I like it even more. I wear it an the same place but feels better agains bare skin. I think for winter wear I will go back with the crossbreed, but with cargo shorts and no belt the N82 works better.
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  9. M24C

    Congratulations on your G26 and the crossbreed supertuck. I own both and love them. On the draw you might want to try pearce magazine extensions on the magazines. I have them on mine, you can get them as no magazine capacity added or + 1. I prefer the plus one and the extra magazines I carry with are the glock 17 magazines. But those will make it easier to draw with.

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  10. I have the same combination for summer, but have moved up to G19. I liked the conceal of moving the holster down, but moved it back to the original depth to improve draw. I still don't feel any less concealed. I worry about catching the trigger on draw or holstering. The higher profile feels safest IMHO
  11. I've been thinking about getting a super tuck for my concealed carry holster. It's gotten nothing but positive reviews, as far as I can find, which I like. But I haven't heard very much about their gun belt. How do you like their gun belt? Is it an accurate fit? Does it look nice? Any complaints about it? Was it worth the cost? Is there a cheaper alternative that is just as good? I'm contemplating buying the gun belt from them when I get my holster, but if it's a crappy belt, which I highly doubt from so many positive reviews, but, ya never know until you try it, or know someone who has it.
  12. I absolutely love the gun belt. I'm actually more impressed by the workmanship on the belt than I am the holster. I normally wear my belts real loose so I just got the same size and its perfect. I can Go two holes smaller or larger when I'm carrying. If you follow their instructions on sizing you should be golden.

    The belt is extremely thick. What sold me on it was the lifetime warranty. I go through belts like crazy so I know at some pointing going to need this replaced. Not because the belt isn't built like a tank but because like everything eventually it will wear out. The finish is very nice on it. It doesn't look much different than a quality belt from Wilson's leather but it is pretty stiff to hold up a gun very nicely.

    Hope this helps. If you have any. More questions please ask.
  13. I tried the holster with my Pearce +0 on it and that's what really made me wish I had the 19. I feel I can definitely hide the 19 in the holster and be fine as long as the shirt isn't skin tight. Still playing with the positions. I feel that at 8 0'clock the handle sticks straight out towards my back instead of following the curve of my body. It is more comfortable to sit down with the gun in that position though.
  14. The grip and capacity of a G19 is just a 15round mag and an Xgrip sleeve away...

    In my hands, the Xgrip compact-to-subcompact sleeve, creates the best grip I've ever had on a Glock of any size or caliber (ie, I like the grip better than that of a G19 or a G17).

    Especially for one handed shooting.

    I attribute this mostly to that pinky recess molded into the Xgrip.

  15. I have also been thinking Bout that. Buying a g19 mag with a sleeve. That's a whole lot cheaper than buying a whole new gun and it would leave me enough money to buy a pocket pistol for when I step outside for just a few minutes.

    Where can I buy a Xgrip?
  16. I haven't seen an Xgrip from a 19 mag, but I have a couple for 17 mags.

    Please vote! It's that important!
  17. You'll easily find these sleeves on both eBay and Amazon. Note that there are different sleeves for 15 and 17 round magazines, I have both types, and I strongly prefer the former.
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  18. Why carry such a small gun if you're going to go out and buy this massive holster? Get a CBST for your 21 or 22 and I get it. The idea behind giving up capacity, bulk and weight is concealability. Small gun should have a small holster. And your positioning is all wrong in that photo. That's more like SOB. Yikes.
  19. I do have a similar style holster with my G26. I had to get some Pearce grips though to make the draw more comfortable.

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  20. For what it's worth. I'm going to try something new.

    I'm not knocking Crossbreed. I have three of them that I have used for several years. Trouble is, I've had to 'modify' every one of them to get them to suit me.

    Now maybe I'm just too picky. But I can't get a good draw grip on my pistol with the standard old Crossbreed ST. Also there were some edges that dug into me. I realize everyones anatomy is different and we all wear different clothes.

    But when I was notified that my Boberg was scheduled for delivery in just a short while, I went looking for a holster. I emailed Crossbreed and was told they have no plans to produce a holster for the Boberg in the for seeable future.

    I noticed on the Boberg website that Cleveland's Holsters was producing a holster for the Boberg. So I ordered one last week. We'll see how I like it when I get them both and have had a chance to use them for a few weeks.

    But it looks to me like the Cleveland people have modified their holster to just about exactly match the modifications I've had to make on my old Crossbreeds.

    We'll see. You might want to take a look at the Cleveland website videos.

    P.S. I ordered the 'cut' version of the Cleveland.
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  21. Clevelands holsters don't really look any different than Crossbreed. just more screws and leather. I am telling you guys check out N82 tactical. Crazy comfortable.

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