Crossbreed SuperTuck: Customizations/Personalizations?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by cole, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hey NAS T MAG yours looks 100% better. I think you did a good job making an ugly holster look as good as you did. :thumbsup:

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  2. Originally Posted by NAS T MAG I've made modifications on two of my Kholsters. I've trimmed them, dyed them and replaced the metal clips with MTAC clips. I just don't like the looks of the metal clips when tucked and I have never been a fan of the crosses on the Crossbreed. Nothing religious, just think they don't need to be calling attention to something attached to your belt. Nice job on the mods. FWIW, here are mine.

    I'll take the CB clips if you do not want them......send me a PM if you are willing.

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  3. gunslinger3

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    Sorry to revive an old post, but what did you use to cut the leather?
  4. jeffyjeff

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    when i cut mine, i used a regular pair of scissors~
  5. cole

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    Very heavy duty scissors and an exacto knife. Started with the knife and realized the scissors worked just as well.
  6. The problem I have with the Supertucks is the front metal clip is too long and digs into my leg when seated on my motorcycle. It isn't bad, but by shortening the front clip by one hole spacing and trimming the leather, things are great!

    Here is a picture of the wife's standard right handed supertuck on the left (Glock 19 & 26) with my modified and much, much more used lefty supertuck (1911) on the right.


    On edit: OBTW, I like the supertuck so much that between the wife, my son, and I we have SIX of them!

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  7. replaced the metal clips with plain plastic ones. For a CC holster, the embossing of the cross makes no sense to me and CB's refusal to offer an unmarked option is troubling. It's not about religion, it's about the intended purpose of the product.

    IMO it's very noticeable if you use a belt other than black, ie brown.
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  8. M&M


    I've had my CB supertuck and Glock 30 for about 3 weeks now. It came with the standard clips and I ordered a set of J clips. I'm thinking of putting a J clip on the back of the holster. I can easily explain the cross on the front of my hip. It's hard to explain the second one in back. Any thoughts on this? Will I give up much in regard to stability?
  9. I carry my CBST every day all day. In 6 months or so I have had exactly 1 person ask me about my clips and she had been researching holsters already.
  10. I use a J-Clip on the front and the regular steel clip on the back.
    It is not because of the cross, it seems to be easier on my belt, and it rides perfectly and does not move. I tried the J-Clip on the back, and it did not stay put very well.

    On a side note. I will take the CBST metal clips, if anyone does not want them, and pay for them if someone is willing to get rid of them for a reasonable price.
  11. I did the combat cut to my super tuck but the best thing you can do is replace the metal clips with comp tac belt clips.
  12. cole

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    Finally got around of getting a comparison pic for my CBST 1911 rig. Bump w/ update to original post.

  13. Where can I order the comp tac belt clips?


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