Crossbreed SuperTuck: Customizations/Personalizations?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by cole, May 7, 2011.

  1. cole

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    How have you've tweaked and personalized your Crossbreed SuperTuck (CBST)? Mine below. Yes, it's very fugly, but now works even better for me. Yours?

    1) Started out as a 1911 Rail holster (got it cheap) and changed to G30 (via heat gun)
    2) Combat cut (to assist draw) and removed all excess leather on sweat guard and below grip
    3) Cut at mag release to prevent unintented release (was happening while seated in bucket seats; tried to dimple first, but that did not work)
    4) Trimmed extra leather at muzzle
    5) Shortened front clip and shaped leather (carry at 3 'oclock and clip was pressing into my leg while seated)
    6) Moved both clips in about 1" and trimmed leather to reduce overall profile (same issue as #5, plus reduced excess leather in rear)
    7) Treated with leather conditioner (to remove sqeak and to after heat gun noted above)
    8) Tried snap loops (note holes at top of holster on back) but sat too high.
    9) May get around to shortening back clip, too (just to reduce profile even more)


    1911 rig

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  3. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    This is a really good post. You have some excellent suggestions here that make a great IWB holster even better for the G30. The text and photos are very helpful to illustrate what you did. I hope some employees at Crossbreed Holsters are lurking and get some ideas to improve the product. Thanks!

  4. LoadToadBoss

    LoadToadBoss IYAAYWOT

    I got the MiniTuck for my PF-9 this week. The only modification I made was the combat cut for better gripping of weapon. I'm breaking the holster in now. I got the horsehide leather. I haven't noticed any squeaks.
  5. After five years of big, sweaty wear, mine is shaped like my love-handles, permanently.

    (I already combat-cut it and trimmed some of the leather years ago.)

    Nice job customizing it. Gives me some ideas for my knockoff version I carry my MK9 in.
  6. Nice post. Tell me something please. Is the part that actually holds the gun kydex or leather?
    I made front clip shorter and moved it in closer and trimed it up to help with the rubbing while sitting!!!
  8. I have actually been thinking about trimming mine just a little as there is a quater or half inch more here or there than need be for me. I notice more when I'm sitting in a car or bending and it's just that little bit. Maybe now I'll actually get around to trimming it but I carry for hours and walk a lot in the woods and hike and it just holds the gun in place and never moves. Very comfortable.

    Pilsbury the part that actually holds the gun is Kydex.
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  9. Thank you. Thought so, but I wasn't 100% sure.
  10. BailRecoveryAgent

    BailRecoveryAgent Rude Member

    I did much of the same to my Shielded Holster. Combat cut it myself, I was stupid and ordered it without it, and eventually added snap loops of my own making out of an old dress belt and removed all excess leather that I felt didn't need to be there any longer.

    Wore it today for the first time in a while, carry owb 99% of the time, and it was comfortable to the point of not noticing it was there. I can sit for long periods of time with an owb holster and experience no discomfort, but when you have a gun and holster shoved down your pants I prefer the least amount of material as possible.
  11. I actually made my own hybrid IWB holster, so I could do everything customized the way I wanted.


    Those are all great suggestions, I am considering doing some more work to mine.
  12. Good post, thanks for putting it up and including good pictures.

    I've been thinking about combat-cutting mine, didn't really think it would be necessary when ordering it but believe it will make a good difference. Your after-shot will provide a good guideline.
  13. I've made modifications on two of my Kholsters. I've trimmed them, dyed them and replaced the metal clips with MTAC clips. I just don't like the looks of the metal clips when tucked and I have never been a fan of the crosses on the Crossbreed. Nothing religious, just think they don't need to be calling attention to something attached to your belt. Nice job on the mods. FWIW, here are mine.

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  14. I cut mine when I got them too.
  15. Hard to belive you guys are paying $45-$85 to chop these holsters up.
  16. I agree. I own and use a Supertuck often but I will admit they are probably one of the more OVER-rated holsters on the market.
  17. :rofl:I bought a $40,000 car and added another $20,000 to it. Stock sucks!
  18. trimmed up both of my hybreds
  19. trimmed up both of my hybrid's
  20. I'm totally agreeing with you there, seeing how I have most accessories available for my glock 26. In fact I can't think of a single case where I wouldn't agree with you, so... :bowdown:
  21. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Well, I just got mine in the mail today and I have noticed I should have got combat cut. I have an extended mag release on my 23 and I have noticed my magazine is getting released. I will either have to go back to standard to see if that fixes it, or combat cut the holster.

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