critical duty 9mm +p

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by onearmsteve, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. any thoughts on over penetration or carrying in my ccw

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    Unproven design. I'd never be a guinea pig for Hornady.

  3. an opinion on the best SD load
  4. The penetration is great but the expansion is sub-par. What's the price of the Critical Duty compared to Federal 135-grain Tactical Bonded +P? I bought some and if memory isn't faulty fred confirmed the Federal is a potent self-defense round (and I don't dispute fred's opinion).

    I think ATK's ammo tests show the 135-grain Tac Bonded stats as 1066 fps, 12+" penetration and .60" expansion through denim and gel. It's the heaviest round I've shot in my 9mm pistol.
  5. my critical duty I have are 135gr
  6. onearmsteve..."any thoughts on over penetration or carrying in my ccw."

    tnoutdoors9 has done a very good penetration test on this round;
    [ame=""]9mm +P Hornady CRITICAL DUTY Ammo Gel Test - YouTube[/ame]

    I found the 135g +P rounds just a bit too snappy for my G26 (my EDC), most definitely a good round but I prefer a round I can manage just a bit more. I suppose if your practice enough with this (or any round for that matter) you will get used to it and be able to use it effectively.

    Be safe out there.
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  7. nice video it just seems like 16in of penetration is a lot but don't want a round to under penetrate
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    It may penetrate a bit more that standard velocity 9mm ammo.
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  10. OP, you should worry about missing more than over penetration. I don't know why people freak out over over penetration so much. Unless you use FMJ, you don't have anything to be worried about.
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  11. it just seems like 14 in is a lot thats like double the size of a crackhead
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    That's right - a crackhead is about 7 inches wide
  13. I think the issue with these new loads is a lack of real world data to determine performance. If a large number of big city police agencies do not start to use it, there is really no real way to know how these will perform. It seems to have what it takes to deal with barriers, but only time and use will tell if it is good enough.
  14. The Critical Duty line looks like a good load for someone that spends a lot of time in the outdoors. Game wardens, back country travel etc.
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    A lot of PDs are using duty ammo that avgs about 15-18 inches in the FBI test series (16-20 inches in bare/clothed gel) w/o any overpenetration problems. Loads like the 230/45, 125/357SIG, and 124/9 +P Gold Dots for example.

    Even a peripheral hit w a low pen load can exit. Hitting bodies at odd angles and/or hitting arms first can mean 18 inches w/o exiting.
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    So who cares if a bullet exit the felon's body? It has probably decelerated to a harmless velocity.
  17. G21

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    Alls I know is that it performs well in the "FBI Tests" and performs admirably, if not better than ammo already proven in real world shootings.....

    See Hornady's site and/or the current issue of American Rifleman. ( I think, I can check later for sure on which issue I saw it in.)

    You do realize that the current "real world proven" ammo was also unproven when first introduced?
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    So it did well in the FBI Tests. There are numerous critics of these FBI Tests.

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