Crimson trace laser grips for glock 29SF ??

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by darkparadox, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. I've checked the Crimson trace website and I cannot find a model for the glock 29SF am I missing something ??

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  3. My lgs called CT and was told which model will fit 29sf. I don't remember which model it is, but was assured that they have one.

  4. I know CT has a LG for a G20SF. Never seen a model to fit the G29SF though. If they did I'd own one.
  5. I'm pretty sure I've seen them before. See if they have one for a G30 as they share the same frame.
  6. You are looking for the CT LG-629.

    I use this one on my nightstand (G21) pistol, but initially tested it out on my G30SF, which is the same size as your G29.

    Crimson Trace CMR-201 Rail Master:




  7. The G30 CT does not fit the G29SF. Grips are slightly different. I bought one for my G30. Too big for SF models except the G20/21
  8. Dont want the laser on the rail though. I'll try giving them a call today but from all accounts it appears they don't make one for the glock 29SF :steamed:
  9. They dont make one, just wait until they come out for the gen 4s (30&29) and those will likely fit. Until then get more trigger and reloading press time in. :supergrin:
  10. Hi my name is Brittnie and I am with Crimson Trace. We do offer the CMR-201 Railmaster that will fit your Glock 29sf by attaching to the rail.
  11. Appreciate the response, but unfortunately this is not going to work as I have a weapon light on my fire arm. Do you know if their is any intention to make a model for the Glock 29SF in the future ?
  12. Yeah, no problem. Unfortunately we do not have a grip laser on the project deck this year for the Glock 29sf.
    You can however submit a future model request on the following link

    The more requests we get the more likely we are to produce a lasergrip fit.
  13. Having seen CT Lasergrips on several different model of Glock, I have to ask....
    Doesn't this defeat the entire "SF" concept ?
    While there is no denying the quality of anything that CT makes, putting a large lump of "stuff" on a grip does nothing for hand feel !

    uncle albert
  14. What have I got?? I purchased a used 29SF that had a CT on the grip (no, I haven't been drinking) When I get time I'll dig it out of the safe and see what the CT model number is.

    ETA: OK, I trotted down to my safe and it is a CTC on a 29SF (can't see a model number on the laser) The thing fits the gun like a glove and I don't see any mods. BTW, it shoots well with the laser.
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  15. Hi Bush Pilot

    At this time Crimson Trace does not produce a lasergrip that is designed to fit the Glock 29sf.
    It is possible however you have the LG-629 installed on your SF. The LG-629 can be installed, but the grip will still have some movement in it. The movement in the grip will cause sighting issues such as not holding zero. This is definitely not a combination we recommend due to these issues.
  16. I certainly am not qualified to dispute Brittnie, but I'm pretty certain that my lgs guy was told that CT 617 would properly fit the 29sf and 30sf also.
  17. While the standard disclaimer is advisable, I'm sitting here with a G29sf that I just installed LG-629 Laser Grips on and they fit, if anything, SNUGGER than a glove. The difference is probably that I had installed Talon Grips on my 29sf awhile back so the grip is a BIT larger than the standard 29sf (if you want to try this I'd recommend getting the laser from someone who takes returns.. but I see no issues so far).
  18. Hello Kgivens, any issues so far with the LG 629? I also have a GLOCK 29SF and I do want to buy the LG 629, but I concern. Did you use the Talon Grips rubber or the sandpaper? Thx

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