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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by doc540, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. I know it's NOT for everyone, but I've carried inside the pants with a SmartCarry for over 10 years.

    Cool weather's not here yet, so I can't use a full shoulder rig.

    But I would like to utilize the "shoulder holster" concept.

    This week I've been using my old, worn SmartCarry system as a quasi-shoulder system but just strapping it across my chest with the Kahr CM9 under my arm.

    No, it's not perfect. No, it's not the full, "ActiveProGear" rig (which I just bought and returned). No, it doesn't feel tight and restrictive.

    Yes, it's comfortable and it works.

    Unless one has to button their top button or wear a tie, it might be an alternative carry system.

    And, Woolrich, makes long-sleeve shirts with two fake buttons on the front with magnets in them. That shirt really works. I bought two of them.



    (cell phone case - mag holder)

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    If it works for you -- GO FOR IT! My only addition would be that in the way you are using your SC, you might could use a belly-band.

  3. Thanks.

    My "belly" helps keeps the SC in place. :embarassed:
  4. Am I missing something? That is not more concealable than my shoulder holster, certainly not as comfortable, and not as secure. I do not see how that is any cooler.

    But if you like it, use it.
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  5. Yes, perhaps I wasn't clear.

    This is a warm weather alternative to my full shoulder rig.

    And, at my age, "cooler" is no longer a factor to me. ;)
  6. Apparently, I was not clear, I was talking temperature, not tacticool.
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  7. Oh, I understand now.

    My shoulder rig is for a Colt CCO and not as concealable as the little Kahr.

    A thin undershirt and that Woolrich carry shirt can be worn down here in the swamps without inducing heat heatstroke. :D

    I can't conceal the CCO under just a shirt, a jacket or thick, longsleeve shirt, yes.

  8. That makes more sense, I dd not realize you were talking two different guns. I would get a good shoulder rig for the Kahr CM9, if you really like shoulder carry.

    Or better yet, get a IWB holster, I can conceal my G23 under the lightest of tee shirt, and shorts. No second shirt required, much cooler that way.

    No special shirt required, any shirt will work, tucked in, or untucked, as long as it is not a tight shirt, I'm too old for tight shirts anyway, also too round.:whistling:

    Very hot and humid here in Alabama also.

    But like I said above, if you like it, and it works for you, and you already have it, use it.
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  9. If you got some very long rise trousers, you could use a cross-draw belt holster.

    It might be more secure.
  10. added a simple, removable shoulder strap

    seems to be working fine

    cooler weather
    open-neck cover shirt


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    You might be onto something there. Maybe it's time for the shoulder rig to evolve?
  12. Might be.

    As you can tell from the wear, the SmartCarry gets a lot of use.

    Now it's gonna get double duty on days where an undershirt and open-button cover shirt can be worn.

    Also, I'll probably try different materials and attachment for the shoulder strap.

    Might make it adjustable.

    The one shown is just an extra piece of nylon from some discarded camera bag.
  13. Angry Fist

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    Too many people find themselves carrying for years, and never find the right product. Good on you.
  14. Thanks

    The SmartCarry is often misunderstood and the butt on many jokes, but it has worked perfectly for my needs and body shape.

    Plus, I like doing business with people like Charlie, the inventor.

    fwiw: here's how it's worn
    note: it doesn't point at one's privates and when sitting it slides up under your pocket, laying flat across the top of your thigh
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    It is good to try to create ways to CCW. Someone comes up with a nearly invisible way to carry a Glock.

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