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Crazy Prices Being Charged for 22LR Ammo...What Have You Seen?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Nalapombu, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Nalapombu

    Nalapombu Millennium Member

    Oct 21, 1999
    Spring, TEXAS....USA
    Hey all,

    I love shooting my Ruger 10/22. I have it tricked out with a custom target barrel, thumbhole target stock and Simmons 44mag Mil-Dot variable scope. When I lived back in Ohio, I used to shoot probably 1000 rounds a week for several months. WalMart was right around the corner from our range and I usually bought the Remington Golden 500 round Brick for about $18 or so.
    Naturally those days are gone and probably won't be back for a while.

    I know it's crazy out there still and have no idea when this lunacy is going to let up. My local Wally sports guy told me that he hasn't SEEN a box of 22LR ammo in over 3 months. By the way, I'm in the Houston, Texas area.

    Tonight I thought I'd check the prices for 22LR ammo and see if any semblance of normalcy is returning. I had a place bookmarked for a LONG time and have never went there, it was ABLE AMMO.

    I go and check their 22LR ammo and find some of the craziest stuff I have seen in a LONG time. They had basic 50 round boxes of Remington Thunderbolt 22LR priced at $15.95! That's for ONE 50 round box, NOT a brick. I didn't check anything else after seeing that, no need to. I did glance at a few other prices and they were similarly priced.

    I left just shaking my head wondering if I am ever going to get to shoot my 10/22 again. I don't know if I'll ever be able to buy a BRICK at these circumstances.

    I talked to my buddy back home a couple weeks ago and was telling him how bad the ammo situation is down here and he said that it has eased up a great deal back there. He said he is regularly seeing 9mm ammo on the shelves and more often than not, the 22LR Bricks are there as well. I didn't ask him prices, but I am going to talk to him tomorrow and see what the situation with 22LR is now up there.
    From now on I may have to have him start buying my 22LR ammo for me. LORD knows I can't afford to pay $15.95 for 50 rounds of 22LR ammo. Even if I had the money, I don't think I'd pay that much for it.

    I know it's crazy out there, but is it THIS INSANE this far removed from all the panicked buying and hoarding?

    What kind of prices are you all seeing for 22LR ammo both in 50 round boxes and Bricks?

    Thanks for the help and info.

  2. failsafe


    Oct 25, 2003
    Just after Fathers Day, I went to Bass Pro to check out a pair of water shoes..Stopped by the ammo counter, they had Remington Thunderbolt, 50 rd boxes for $2.35..Limit 5..
    I bought 5..
    Really liked the shoes and found another pair at the other Bass Pro in my area..Went early in the morning and there was a line of about 15 waiting for the store to open..Doors open and everyone heads to the ammo..All pistol cal ammo was behind the counter..No pushing or shoving..They had one 500 rd box of Remington Thunderbolt's ( actually 10 boxes of 50 in another box) for $22.95..I snagged onto that one...I was happy..:cool:

  3. roger123


    Feb 23, 2012
    VA Beach, VA
    $3.99 for a box of 50 Thunderbolts (limit two). I have thousands of rounds at home in VA but I'm in Northern MI visiting my parents and no one has a stock pile here. I'm riding the four wheeler around a gazillion miles of trails in the woods and have 100 .22's to shoot!

    If this crap ever dies down I'm going to order ammo on-line and have it shipped to my parents so I'll have a stash when I go there on vacation.

    I need to look at the rules for crying ammomon the plane, I know you can do it but I didn't look at the rules in advance and was sort of scrambling to get packed at the last minute.
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  4. I saw the local shop pay me $0.10 per round for six Winchester 333 bulk packs, and six Winchester 555 bulk packs (didn't shoot well in my guns), then re-price them higher and sell them all the same day. :shocked:
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  5. high ground

    high ground

    Dec 23, 2002
    Picked up a 500 pack at LGS for $31 and 100 pack for $8. Winchester, not sure which variety, but don't really care. Time to go knock the dust off the 10/22s and Henry levergun.
  6. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine

    Dec 21, 2002
    The local gun store can't get hardly ANY ammo.

    Last month at the store a 550 round bulk pack of 22LR was thrown in with a traded in gun.
    The manager sold the ammo to a good customer for $50. My opinion of the manager took a nose dive. That $50 is going to cost the store a lot more than $50 in the long run.

    What I have seen, and I shoot almost every day, is $14-$18 Wal Mart 22LR 550 bulk packs.

    From the time it was obvious that the American people were going to be stupid enough to vote in a anti gun worthless POS for President, I, and friends, began stocking up on ammo, including 22LR.
    So we don't pay much attention to what it's selling for now.

    I hope that everyone that's complaining about the ammo shortage now has the good sense to put aside enough ammo to last them a year or two when it comes available again.

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  7. Rancher


    Jun 3, 2003
    SW Missouri
    Since 08' .22 has been on an increase. In 07' I could buy WM Remington Goldens for around $15 per 550 rounds, after the election it went up to around $18, now I am pretty sure they are at $21-22 a brick on that one brand at the WM ammo counter. I have only seen .22 once in our WM since December and it was CCI Mini-Mags, I passed leaving it for hopefully someone who needed it.

    Just before 08' I went crazy on .22 ammo buying. Think around 50K rounds added to what I already had, lost count. Would buy 3 bricks once a week. It became an addiction. Glad now I did. We shoot often and pretty sure one day if I have grandkids they will have cheap plinking ammo. I also bought a bunch of .22 shorts and sub-sonic stuff as well as more expensive .22 ammo for my M&P 15/22.

    I looked at Gunbroker a month or two ago and the norm for two bricks of Remington Goldens were going for a minimum of $80-$100 and were selling easily for that. I had actually considered selling some at that time telling my wife it would be available again one day and she is the one who said what made me think that so I held onto all mine.

    On-line right now is gonna be your best bet for finding any bulk .22. It goes fast so just keep checking the various ammo search engines.

    Good luck.

  8. DonD


    Dec 21, 2001
    Central TX
    Sounds like something I'd say. Sadly though the idiots saddled us with four more years of the worst President in modern history.

    Re the original subject, no ammo available locally. I'm Ok supply wise and I refuse to pay $100 for a brick that used to cost $21 at Walmart. Don
  9. 4 glocks

    4 glocks

    Jun 29, 2010
    In NC a few shops have had 22lr lately. $3-$4 a box of 50.
    $12.99 for a box of 100 CCI mini mags. One guy said he sold 20K of mini mags in just a few days. So now the going price is two time what it was. I am buying some to shoot but hope the prices will fall.
  10. Bruce M

    Bruce M

    Jan 3, 2010
    S FL
    I still have not seen any .22 around here yet.
  11. nipperwolf


    Oct 3, 2002
    Rip Van Winkle is awake.
  12. true believer

    true believer Super Moderator Moderator

    Apr 17, 2000
    drexel hill pa
    325 0r 375 for 17 bucks.. wally world..
  13. Lt Scott 14

    Lt Scott 14

    Mar 14, 2006
    N.W. Indiana
    The scumbag dealers at the last Gun Show are breaking up 550 packs and selling it ala carte. 50rd =$9.00, 100rds= $18.00. Using cheap sandwich bags. Saw some people buying, but that raises the the price of a 550 pack to $98.00. (use to be around $20.00 same ammo). I complained to the promoter, he shrugged his shoulder and said he can't set pricing, up to the dealer. Last gun show for me for a while.
  14. They were the ones who set the prices... had no-one paid the asking price, it would have come down until someone was willing to pay.
  15. plp


    Feb 11, 2013
    Redneck Riveria
    It is getting much better around here for everything except .22, while the LGS and big box stores are selling at a fair price and limiting the number of boxes per customer, they are still selling out the same day the shelf gets stocked. Everything else is available, just re-stocked on 17 HMR at 11.99 per 50 for Hornady at the LGS. At it's worst, I think I paid about 16.00 per box last February and March for the same thing, when it was available.

    I WAS part of the problem, paid 70 bucks for two 450 bricks of Remington Golden Bullet on Gunbroker. I was nowhere near out of ammo, but didn't want to shoot up the good stuff. We just cut our range time in half and left the semiautos at home. I'm taking the last 150 rounds of that to the range today, and probably will bring some home.
  16. fastbolt


    Jun 9, 2002
    CA Central Coast
    I've been curious after reading things like this, so I've been looking at some different gun, sporting goods & dept stores in recent weeks, both in CA and while traveling in the PNW.

    I've seen no .22lR ammo, or limited amounts, with prices fluctuating quite a bit.

    One store had a good supply of CCI Mini-Mag, but wanted $25/100-ct box for it. When I just laughed at that, the guy said he could sell me some Federal .22 for less money, but it was still outrageous (and I'm not desperate).

    Another store said he could only get Mini-Mag .22's sporadically, and apologized that when he could get some, he was charging $14.95/box. He mentioned he'd had one guy come in wanting to buy .22, saying that he already had 10K rounds and wasn't shooting it, but wanted to buy all he could find.

    One store only had some Winchester bulk boxes, but the price wasn't listed and there was a sign stating that only customers who bought a new .22 firearm would be allowed to purchase ONE box of it.

    Another store had a lot of Rem standard 50-rd boxes, and wanted $3.99/box.

    I'll wait until the panic buying/hoarding eventually slows. ;)
  17. 427


    Nov 23, 2009
    You complained to the promoter about dealer pricing!?

    What, pray tell, did you think he was going to do?

  18. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    No crazy prices, just not available. Getting better recently, but not there yet.
  19. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Build the Wall

    I found CCI Standard Velocity at Dick's a couple weeks ago....I use it with my GSG AK-47 and Walther P-22 w/Gemtech Alpine suppressor:




    I have also found Remington Golden Bullet at my LGS. It's out there but it's still a bit over-priced. I did see Winchester .22WMR at WM today but didn't get any because I have plenty for right now.

    Enjoy the hunt!:wavey:

  20. Cole125

    Cole125 Silver Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    Far West, USA
    I don't get why ammo manufactures can't step up production of .22 lr so supply can catch up with demand. It's really starting to get frustrating, here we are 7 months after Sandy Hook/Obama #2 and still no .22 lr ammo.

    Centerfire calibers are coming back and at reasonable prices, at least.