cracked my Laptop screen

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by raven11, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. After the daily abuses of college life. My laptop couldn't take it any more and now has a good crack in the LCD screen.

    I watched some youtube videos and I think I'm going to try to fix it on my own (I know famous last words) I have some experience building a PC so i'm not totally mechanically illiterate
    Does anyone have any website recommendations for replacement laptop screens? and are there any quirks I should be aware of while replacing the screen?

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  3. 1) Try to get an OEM part from a reputable vendor. I do not have any recommendations for screens, sorry.

    2) Take a lot of pictures as you disassemble it, this will help put it back together.

    3) Do it in a quiet, neat environment with lots of room to work. Keep track of all the tiny screws & have some small screwdrivers handy.

  4. Good advice to follow from Dr.Jones. I have replaced numerous laptop screens over the years. What make/model laptop is it? That will help in suggesting a good screen vendor. I use different ones for different brands.

    Also, the best thing you can do is try to get yourself a hardware maintenance manual for the model laptop you have. Most manufacturers put them out on their sites in pdf format. I have one for all the models in my current environment. They help tremendously when replacing parts like this.

  5. Thank you!

    Likewise, this man offers great advice; totally forgot to tell you to find the maintenance manual. If you have an iPad you can use to view the manual, that's ideal, but of course another PC works too.
  6. Sony Vaio PCG-71913L

    One problem I'm facing is they sell two screens a 15.5 and a 15.6 I might just have to remove it to make sure which is the right one to order
  7. How old is your laptop? If you've used it for 4-5 years for college, it might be a better long-term investment to buy a new one if you have the cash.

    With that said, screen replacement is extremely easy. Just Google your PC and screen replacement. You will most likely find the manual or a how to do it by somebody.

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  8. can't recall when I bought it :dunno:. but I want to squeeze the most life out of this thing as I can. the replacement screen is only $60 dollars which is better than a $500 laptop
  9. Ebay is usually the best place for that kind of stuff. Direct from Hong Kong (takes a while) but it bypasses at least one middleman.
  10. As long as you aren't dealing with static sensitive parts you might want to use some non skid shelf mat lining or a tuper ware container when you disassemble the screen so that if the screw or part falls it won't roll off the work area. I use the shelf liner when working on tools and so on.
  11. If I were you, I would do just that and make sure I ordered the right one the first time. Best price I found from a reputable seller looks like Amazon. The seller was Thomas Screens. I have bought screens from them a few times without issue.

    Here is an excellent video tutorial on the screen replacement.

    I tried searching around for the manual but couldn't find anything useful. It appears Sony is one of the few that does not make the service manual available on their site. I checked out the video though, that should be a fine substitute.
  12. I've done one and it was a piece of cake. Now I have a laptop that shorted the charger and will not start. I have the $5 power board (way different from a pc power pack) and as laptops are so tight the replacement is a complete tear down to reach AND I'm only hoping that is where the damage of the short ends. Wish me luck.
  13. Humm, looks like it's a common problem.
    [ame=""] Sony Vaio PCG-71913L Laptop LCD Screen Replacement 15.6" WXGA HD LED: Computers & Accessories@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  14. thanks for all of the help so far, turns out I have a 15.6 while tiger direct (the guys I bought it from ) advertised it as a 15.5 ( also explaines why I saw only 15.6 in replacement screens,

    ordered the part and i'll update when I replace it
  15. Before:

    Thanks again tech talk!:wavey:
  16. Congrats Raven!
  17. gemeinschaft

    gemeinschaft AKA Fluffy316

    Looks nice. Good job.

    Now you have a source of supplemental income in college.:supergrin:
  18. And I was starting to enjoy the trips to the blood bank :rofl:
  19. Do kids still do that??:rofl:


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