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  1. I am new, very new to photography and have a Canon EOS T2i. On July 4th I was experimenting with photographing the fireworks, but had the camera set on one of the RAW settings and now all the pictures have the suffix ".CR2" but I cannot view them. I did see the pictures on the viewfinder as I was taking them but now cannot view them on my computer. Any suggestions on how to view these files?

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  2. You are going to have to download the RAW file converter from the Canon website.

    You also should have a DVD in the box somewhere. The disc has all the software you will need to open, convert and post images.

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  3. If you still have the disk that came with the camera, that will also convert them. RAW is great if your going to be doing heavy editting through lightroom or PS or PS elements but if your using it to take more candid type photos it would just be easier to shoot in JPEG.
  4. Did you figure this out? Like has been said, you can get the DPP software on Canon's site. There are also some viewers that will display them, Windows Photo Viewer being one.
  5. The software CD that came with the camera would only load certain sections so I went to the Canon website like recommended and downloaded. Yes, it worked and thanks to all who answered me.

    I understand the jpeg is much less memory intensive, but I wanted to experiment with color manipulation - some turned out cool very cool, but the penalty is bigger files. I am just learning so this is all a new hobby to me.
  6. Well I don't know what your shooting with but just a couple of suggestions. If your still learning your gear I highly recommend the for dummies books. Just find the one for your camera. When I first started shooting this book was awesome. It taught me how to use all the functions to my camera plus a lot of basic photography concepts which really got me started. Second, there's a website like this one called digitalphotographyschool.com, great articles and awesome forum. Very supportive and knowledgable group of people in almost every type of photography.

    Lastly don't get frustrated, and don't get gear lust. There are great things you can do with any camera as soon as you learn how to use it. I'm always amazed when I look at photos I took when I started compared to what I get today and everyday I'm still learning this craft.
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