CProducts 7.62x39mm Magazines

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by jonathon, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    Well, I ordered some a while back for my 7.62x39 build...

    They are beautiful in fit and finish. The SS body is slightly heavier than the GI, but it feels a lot more solid. The marlube finish is good also..

    I don't have my rifle here at work with me(though the UPS guy freaked out when he saw my P220 on the desk :upeyes:.), but I have doubts about them feeding properly just by looking at them :frown:

    When loaded past 10 rounds, the rounds nose inwards. The top round looks like if it were stripped off, it'd hit the locking lug at 6 o'clock instead of going up a feed ramp :freak:

    Time will tell if they work or not. I'm not too worried, I know CP will take care of me and anyone else that has problems. I've read of mixed reports. Some people have excellent results, others are having a lot of problems. I will post pics and a range report tonight.

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  2. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    I'm calling this one a failure :frown:

    Pics coming, but it failed half the time :frown:

  3. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    OKay, pics as promised...

    Heres the mags I recieved them from CProducts. Beautiful, they are well made and very solid.


    Heres what I got when I loaded them though... you can see right off that the top two rounds are not pointing straight forward, but rather towards the center. This puts the tip of the bullet righ at the 6 o'clock locking lug...


    Failures.. here are the three that typically happened:

    Rounds all nose dive in the mag 3/4" or so, the bolt hits the head of the cartridge and the nose of the bullet jams against the front of the mag. I'm going to say this is because there is too much up and down movement between the rounds, and NOT the followers tilting. This pic happened with 23 rounds left in the mag. Had this happen 5 more times. I had to lock the bolt back and drop the mag, and then slap it against my thigh to get the rounds to come back up.

    Another stoppage. Mag related? Not sure. Had only 1 one of these.

    The nose of the bullet hitting the 6 o'clock locking lug. This happened repeatedly till I got down to about 12 rounds in the mag.

    I only got two today, and 2 more coming, but they are ALL going back. I'd just rather not toy with it. I commend them for trying.. but I don't see how a follower change can fix this.
  4. The 3 I have for my .223 work great. I will probably get a couple more. Let them replace them for you and give it another go.
  5. Ramses II

    Ramses II The Great

    I'm interested to know more about your build. Tell us about the upper..who makes it? Chrome? etc. Thanks,

    Ramses II

    Does CProducts have a website?
  6. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    Their .223 mags are AWESOME. Infact, they offered to replace my 7.62x39 mags with 2 stainless steel .223 mags for each 7.62, so I guess that worked out a little better than even.

    Already sold the upper on ARFCOM for a bit of a loss, but going to buy a .223 upper with that money(If my truck doesn't eat up that money :freak:).

    No one makes a 7.62x39 barrel that is chrome lined, at least that I know of(this includes colt).

    Mine was a mixmaster that ran great on DPMS/MGW mags but not on the CProducts. Low down on the upper build:

    M1S ER Shaw 7.62x39mm Barre $180

    Front Sight Post $5, Front Sight Detent$.75, Front Sight Spring$.50

    Gas Tube $11 and Roll Pin $.30

    Delta Ring Assembly $12.95

    M16 Carrier with key and screws $60 Plus small parts: Firing Pin Retaining Pin $1.95, Firing Pin $5.95, and Cam Pin $4.50

    Complete DPMS 7.62x39 Bolt $70 and Spare DPMS Extractor $14.95

    Complete A2 receiver(if you were to buy new) $138

    I put a 9mm Vortex on it that I bought from http://www.gandrtactical.com but I can not recomend them again due to some really sneaky business practices. Gotta use a 9mm flash hider with the 7.62x39.
  7. I got three of the 7.62 mags and they were doing the same thing as above. C products made me the same offer to trade for two .223 or said they are working on a solution and should know sometihng next week. I will wait and see. They said they are changing the stamping on the mag body and looking at a different follower. I will let you guys know what happens.
  8. DriBak

    DriBak GUNS UP
    Millennium Member

    Does anyone make a dependable 7.62 mag right now, I have a colt 7.62 A3 upper and need some mags
  9. c4igrant

    c4igrant G&R Tactical

    CProducts does. There are hundreds of people with these mags now and jonathon is the only person that I have heard of with a problem.

  10. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    A lot of people are having problems on AR15.com, mostly just the round hitting the 6 o'clock lug. They've gone far enough to admit there is a problem and trying to fix it, so that says something as well. It's no big deal, they are making it right. I sold my upper for a little less than I had into it so it's all good.

    I'd attribute the nose diving to the combo of the lightwieght lower and the carbine gas system. There is a lot more felt recoil on the 7.62x39.
  11. c4igrant

    c4igrant G&R Tactical

    I have sold lots of these mags and haven't had anyone complain so that would lead me to believe that it is a weapon specific issue.

    CProducts is a great company and will stand by their product and fix any issues that may come up.

  12. I called today 07-19-06 and owner-Barry told me that they are not going to fix the current design as it has major problems and they are going to completly retool amd make the mag body with more curve and won't release it until its 100%. I'm sending mine back for a refund. I suspect the reason that the comment was made about no complaints is I have a feeling most people havent had a chance to use them yet. Anyway CProducts is making it right and I will reorder some when they have them perfected.
  13. THEY are PERFECT NOW...
    30 just came in and they are now PERFECT!!!
  14. jhooten

    jhooten NRA Life Member

    Model 1 Sales upper on a Roggio lower would not feed with three C-Products mags bought less than 6 months ago. Got tired of trying to make them feed and traded the upper for a Mini30.
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  15. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
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    x39 ARs can be quite the project to get running correctly. Those that tough it out are generally pleased, but most find it to be too much trouble.
  16. Count me as #2 then. I bought several for use in my Robinson XCR, and tried them in a friend's Colt 7.62x39mm also. No go. I just could not get through a full magazine without a malfunction or two. If they were jostled hard enough outside the rifle, they would spit out a few rounds. It just seemed like the rounds were not controlled properly by the feed lips, or they weren't pushed up hard enough into the feed lips by the follower. Either way, they didn't work.

    I also talked to the MSAR guys at the SHOT Show, and they said they were having a lot of magazine problems with their STG's in 7.62x39mm. Robinson said the same. Both said that C-Products is the best, but still has issues.

    This is not a strike against C-Products. I've used their 5.56 mags quite a bit, and use their 9mm mags exclusively in my Colt 9mm AR15 with no problems. I just think the geometry of the 7.62x39 is less than ideal for a STANAG type mag. I don't know that there is a solution.
  17. I agree. I believe the fairly radical taper of the 7.62x39 case demands a really curved magazine; look at an AK or VZ58 mag.

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