Coyotes in NC and SC

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  1. i know this is a glock thread.I own one a 20 sf.i hope to use it on a coyote this year.i was just wanting to ask if any of you hunt and have you seen the coyote explosion we have going on in the carolinas.I know alot of people dont hunt but its getting so bad around here that the DNR is changing our harvest quote for whitetail next year.I live outside of charlotte NC but in SC lol.I was just hoping to inform people in my area that if you see a coyote make sure your the last person it see's.I dont live in the city but more of the suburbs.I hate to think of how many deer fawns and cats and puppies it took for this female to get this big.Plus dont blame deer for eating in your garden which they do but coyotes will to.Remember there is no closed season for coyotes.

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  4. I saw one between Belmont and Lake Wylie SC. They are around for sure.
  5. I live NE of Raleigh. Got one in my land at 50 yards from my front porch munching on a cat.( nothing like the Crack of a .308 at dawn )

    Seen many walking in the woods.

    Wild Boar are problems too. Several Bob Cat attacks on young calves and horses too.
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  6. trcubed

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    Wild boar around Raleigh? Let me know when you need help with the thinning.

    No yotes in our subdivision yet (that we know of), but we do see a gray fox kind of frequently. He doesn't seem as scared of humans as I'd hope.
  7. we have coyotes in my neighborhood of 600 plots/ 200 homes in East Charlotte.
    I can sometimes hear them at night.
  8. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    When I lived near Waynesville (NC) over 10 years ago - a friend of mine and me were walking around Junaluska at about 3 or 4 in the morning and watching coyotes going from trash can to trash can feasting on people's garbage.

    I'm sure there always has been and always will be coyotes in the Carolinas - no matter how many you take out.

    ...oh, and might I recommend the wonderful 135gr. nosler for that purpose? :supergrin:
  9. Along the Little River ( along 96 south of Zebulon to Smithfield ) and proposed Little River Reservoir. (Zebulon North along 96 to Mitchel Mill Road.

    Sum biches get so big ( 200 + lbs) that if a car hits one at night, that car may be totaled.

    Pick a swamp in eastern Wake, sun rise, or after dark. There out there.

    local Farmer in my area, had a herd go through and almost eat his whole soybean crop in a few nights last November.
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    Interesting...that's pretty much my neighborhood. Made some useless fishing trips up and down Little River over the last 4 years and haven't noticed any hog signs. Maybe I oughta look closer...
  11. There is a auto salvage yard on 96 south of Zeb. Behind that salvage yard along 96 is several ppl go hunt there.

    Have seen a few dead ones on 96 just after sun rise North of Zeb. And on the Mitch Mill Road bridge over the Little River. I live close here.
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  12. don't mean to stir things but i for one could do without alot of cats & dogs running all over i think the coyotes serve a good purpose in that area cause there are alot of people who let their so called pets run all the time.
  13. kill em all let a carolinaian sort em out !!!
  14. WFR


    I missed a huge one 2 years ago while deer hunting near Bowman, SC. Biggest coyote I had ever seen.
  15. City of Greensboro Animal Control folks trapped one, several years back, on the corner of Walker Ave. and Chapman Street, behind the Bestway Grocery store dumpster, 4 blocks north of the Greensboro Coliseum. Talk about an animal that can adapt to environmental changes. Made the local paper. Jack
  16. In NESC, we have yotes and hogs all over the place. They'll screw-up your deer hunting territory in a minute. SCDNR lets you hunt them at night, but the stupid rules (they're so scared of maybe somebody night hunting deer) that it makes it a PITA.

    And if the problem is really so bad, why don't they open the GMAs to hogs/yotes year round?
  17. In NC 'yotes and wild boar are varmints. Just use good hunting practices, and shoot on sight.
  18. FranklinQuaker

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    I wish I lived near by...

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