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  1. Curious to know if DAs peruse internet gun forums to "discover" posts made by a defendant which might show aggresiveness?

    Btw, really enjoying your In The Gravest Extreme book, which I recently purchased. There is a gold mine of helpful info in there that goes beyond common sense - the kind of stuff that most people won't figure out until someone like Mr. Ayoob tells ya.
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    It's been done, as RussP has reported in Carry Issues. It's no trick for investigators to get a warrant to seize all your hard drives, and use technology developed for tracking child porn and internet fraud suspects to determine where you've been posting, and take it from there.

    The old advice seems to be true: don't say anything on the Internet that you wouldn't want the world to know, and don't assume they can't correlate your username to your real identity.


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