Costco policy change?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by G26AZ, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Ryobi

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    You are confused. Far from the same thing.

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  2. Really? Both are a violation of your rights...RKBA being a constitutional right.

  3. Bill Lumberg

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    Nope. Two different things. I, as a property owner, have a right to decide how my property is used. To include whether permit-holders carry weapons on it. Not the same as race/gender/etc. There is no constitutional right to occupy someone else's property, much less carry a gun there.
  4. By your "logic", a person can hold an anti-gun rally on your private property, without your permission, and there isn't a single thing you could do about...since freedom of speech is a constitutionally protected right.

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  5. So I could have told those guys to leave?!?! :wow: I shocks me that people STILL do not know that your rights do not trump property owners'. Go into Kroger and start yelling swear words and mocking other customers. You have the right under the 1A but I doubt you'll be a guest there very long.
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  6. TunaFisherman

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    Law info here in Wa says that you cannot carry a weapon on private property, if the owner posts signage stating that they do not want weapons on their property. This is included with the state restrictions of no carry in bars, schools and courts ect...
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  7. Whether or not the signs carry the weight of the law varies state to state. There is no state that will tell you that you can remain on private property after being asked to leave.

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