Costco policy change?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by G26AZ, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Has Costco revised their "no guns on property" policy?

    At the Costco we frequent (Mesa/Gilbert), there used to be a sign that I never saw that said something to the effect of "No weapons allowed".

    The last couple times we've gone shopping there, it is no longer in place.

    Anybody else noticed this at their Costco's?

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  3. I'm not a member but wasn't there a terrible incident involving lawful concealed carry at a Costco a few years back in Las Vegas?

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    C'mon guys. The topic is whether you have seen any "No Guns" signs.

    If, IF, you must reopen the discussion of the Erik Scott case, here is the last thread that was still open on the topic: Costco Shooting Ruled "JUSTIFIED". Please continue the discussion of the case there, or start a new thread. Just please do not hijack this thread. :thumbsup:

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  6. I have never seen a no guns sign at the 4 Costco stores near me.

    posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.
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  7. BamaBud

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    The local Costco isn't posted, but their CEO and his wife gave big money to Obama and his cronies.

    It's clear where their sentiments lie.
  8. I frequent a Costco near me here in Charlotte. I have never paid attention as to whether or not there was a sign, until last weekend, when I actually looked. No sign anywhere inside or outside the building.
  9. Since Costco is a "private club" that is not open to the public, they fall outside of the laws of most states with regards to posting requirements. I very much doubt that Costco has changed it's policy. My bet is that the store opted to revert to a "don't tell unless asked" approach, most likely due to negative feed-back regarding the sign/policy.
  10. I'm in Tucson and I have noticed that the "NO GUN" sign has been removed from my local Costco.
  11. I have seen open carry in a Costco-once

    no one seemed concerned
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    No "No Guns/Weapons" signs here in SW Washington State or in the Portland OR area.
  13. They can post all the signage they want don't mean anything to me - I still carry in COSTCO here in ID as they are not on the restricted carry list according to the law! Meaning they can't tell me where I carry. All they can do is ask me to leave which they will not as they will never know I'm carrying!:whistling: Truth be told Idon't think there is a sign on the COSTCO here? Not that I care if there was.:rofl:
  14. Bill Lumberg

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    Any property owner has the right to choose how their property is used. Any property owner should have no problem grasping this rather basic concept. Pretending otherwise isn't a great way to operate. Brought to you from the intersection of Can and Should.

    Otherwise, don't complain when COSTCO stores pallets of 1 gallon jars of mayonnaise in your garage.
  15. I frequent the Costco in Manassas, VA (was just there this morning) and have never seem any NO GUNS signs anywhere on the property. I have been OC'ing there for the past six years and no one has ever said anything to me other than comments (got two today in that very Costco.. one from a customer and one from a checkout clerk). As far as I'm concerned, Costco has never had a policy against the carrying of arms in their stores where I live.
  16. how do they know?
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  18. Bill Lumberg
    Yep they can wish to exclude anyone they wish right , like blacks, mexicans or white folks! I don't think that would fly now would it? So why do you think they can stop lawful carry? So they can stop you from parking your car in there parking lot cause they don't like the car you drive? Think that would fly?:whistling:
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    Depends on the laws of the state, wouldn't you agree?
  20. No signs at Costco(s) in Memphis. Saw an open carry there last week. No flashing lights or evacuating the store stuff...:supergrin:

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