Cost per load 9mm Jacketed 115 Gr - Various powders

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  1. I have created a MS Excel spreadsheet to help determine reloading costs per round for 9mm - 115 GR - Jacketed bullets using various powders. Spreadsheet shows cost per Min Start and Max Loads based on one pound prices of powders.

    I hope some of you find it interesting and/or helpfull.

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  2. What do I win for using SOLO 1000?

    CRB of the year perhaps?

  3. Seems kind of silly. Powder is the cheapest part of reloading. Does it really matter if your powder costs $0.008 or $0.025 per round?
  4. Kind of my thought on handgun ammo. When powder is the cehapest part of the reload, I am not sweating 1/3c per round. Although that is a big thrill for the TG users.:tongueout:
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  5. Plus, the price can vary quite a bit depending on whether you bought a 3/4 lb jar at Bass Pro / Gander Mountain, an 4lb jug at the gun show, or several 8lb jugs via mail order.

    I think the worst I've done for handgun powders is about $27 for 3/4lb at Gander and the best was probably $69 cash for 4lbs. WST at a gun show.

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