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  1. So my father in law gave me a few thousand 223 bullets. He said he got them from a friend of his who used to reload and hasnt for a long time. looking at them, some of them are heavily corroded others not so much. Some are black some are black and green with corrosion. If I tumble them and pull out he ones that are not damaged from corrosion will this corrosion have any negative effect? Or after tumbling will the be good as new? Or would I be better off melting them down and using them to cast other bullets?

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  2. Zombie Steve

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    Tumble them and go from there...

    Jacketed, I assume?

  3. PCJim

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    Tumble them with walnut media with some paint thinner. Cob will likely be too soft to effectively remove the corrosion, which is hopefully just minor surface discoloration in nature.

    Would be a shame to have to send those bullets to someone else for melting down....
  4. I only have corn cob, however for the great majority of them it seems to be working out well. If nothing else it will give me more motivation to get on casting. Its well over 5k. The ones that the corn cob just wont work for I may get some walnut. It would not be a wasted investment, even if it only cleans up half of the ones the corn cob wont. Turn out one mans trash really is another mans treasure. Some of them are obviously to corroded to use. Heavy green crusty corrosion. Others are for the most part fine, others are black.
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  5. Try some Lemishine in small bucket, rinse & then tumble in any media. The citric acid really goes after the corrosion.
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  6. Never heard of it. Can I get it at wal mart or some place like that?
  7. Yep, used for the dishwasher, plastic bottle type container. A little goes a long way.
  8. I remember having to look at quite a few stores before I found it so don't give up if you go to a place and it is not there.
  9. Kroeger should have it or any larger chain store.
  10. bought some lemishine. Now some are soaking. How long should I let them soak?
  11. TN.Frank

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    I wonder how CLR would work on copper jackets? That might take the corrosion off of the bullets or at least enough of it so you could tumble them and get the rest off. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Dunno the lemishie really does work quite well though. 20-40 min later afet soaking 90% cleaned up well. The other 10% are to far gone for me to want to put in my gun

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