Correctional Officer Hospitalized From Inmate Attack

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Hack, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Hack

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  3. Prayers for our CO sister.

  4. Deployment Solu

    Deployment Solu Kydex Crafter

    Prayers sent!!
  5. Patchman

    Patchman Florist

    Prayers for her recovery.
  6. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    Sounds like an escape in progress. They had her searching alone? Wow.

    Prayers for her recovery!
  7. I hope that her injuries are not bad and that she recovers quickly.

    What is a women doing working in a male prison?
  8. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    That is something that started in the late eighties, to the early nineties. Basically the reasoning for this, is concerning trying to make things somewhat more normal, concerning the proper interaction between genders. There are also men working in women's prisons as well.
  9. There seem to be a decent number of documented incidents where that doesn't work out well either.

    Why does a prison environment need to be "normal" as far as gender relations go?
  10. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    Good question, to which I probably don't have a very good answer. But, suffice it to say there have been psychologists involved in the decision making process in all of that kind of thing. I suppose one thing that may be looked at is that many of the ones in prison will be getting back out, at some point. Therefore the goal is to try to make things as normal as possible, and to encourage correct behaviour between inmates, and inmates and staff; so that it carries out with them into the free world.
  11. That applies to women working in a male prison as well...
  12. Apparently not everybody got the PC "normal" memo.
  13. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    Yeah, it sucks. Theoretically a female officer should be respected just as much as a male CO. Some female COs I have worked with in the past could scrap just as well as any guy, and don't even think otherwise. I wouldn't wanted to have been on their bad side.

    The trouble is, governments going broke always look at what they can get by with as to how little staff they can afford to keep on a roster and keep a place going. That is the truth of the matter, regardless of what agency we're concerned with. There should always be adequate staff for a given situation, but it's not always the case.
  14. sixgun2

    sixgun2 packin heat

    Someone out there refresh my memory, was there not a female CO from the same institution murdered at Tomolka back about two maybe three years ago.
  15. I hear ya, Hack. It's unfortunate that it takes events like this to bring focus to an ongoing problem to, hopefully, get it fixed.
  16. GumbyDammit

    GumbyDammit Xtra CoCheese

    My prayers added to the list.
  17. Speedy recovery CO.
  18. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?

    Prayers for a speedy and full recovery.
  19. tadbart

    tadbart duuuuude.


    yup. some bad juju goin' on there.:steamed:
  20. and there is the problem.

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