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Discussion in 'GSSF' started by wilhelm51, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. I wear prescription glasses but can't shoot with them because I can't focus on the front sight. Instead I use none corrective clear safety glasses and things are a little more in focus. After completing 5 to Glock Saturday morning, I mentioned to the RO that I was trying to sort out some problems with glasses for shooting and he said I should see what one of the other RO's had. He uses safety [sun]glasses that has an insert on the inside that were 1.25 or 1.5 reading glasses. This insert fit over the bridge of the safety glasses and cost about $40. He told me I could find them on Amazon. I can't.

    Anybody know what I am talking about that can give me a little guidance?


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  3. For adidas sunglasses.

    [ame=""] Adidas Sunglasses - Adivista L / Rx-able Rimless Performance Insert: Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

  4. Stickons for any sunglasses.

    [ame=""] OPTX 20/20 Stick-On Bifocals, 2.00: Health & Personal Care@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  5. Thanks and both good recommendations, especially the first, but his "readers" had rims I know because when he showed them to me they had popped out.

    I'll look closer at the one without frames.

    BTW, I see you are in Cabarrus Co., I'm in Charlotte. I was wondering if anyone from this area was participating in this.

  6. youngann

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  7. Hey Wilhelm,

    I was your RO on 5 to Glock. I will check with my buddy and see if he can give me some specifics on his glasses. I'll report back here once I hear back from him.

  8. Thank you Mark I was hoping you or he would see this.
  9. you can find something like that at campers world.
  10. I would see if you can get a pair of prescription Oakleys,
    I wear the radar path's. They have been the most comfortable and reliable glasses I could ever ask for. I was born with my left eye being what is called a lazy eye. It means that the nerves in my eye did not wake up so my vision is uncorrectable and also sub par. It is low enough as to if something were to damage my right eye's vision its quite possible I maybe rendered legally blind :( So I wear my sunglasses on my head 24/7 if I am outside my house, even if its night I keep them with me just in case lol


    On this page -->

    If you will look at the Radarlock Path, because of the vents cut at the top of the lens it prevents fogging amazingly. Also it provides amazing protection of your eyes.

    Also one branch of the feds did testing on all high end shooting glasses and from my understanding Oakley was above and beyond the standard recquirements
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  11. Wilhelm,

    My buddy sent me the following link to his glasses on

    [ame=""] MORAYS Full Magnifying Reader Safety Glasses Reading Magnifier Eyewear Available from 1.25-3.00: Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    Hopefully, these will help.

  12. Thanks Mark, and everyone else. Obviously there are a lot of options, some more expensive than others.

    Looking at my scores from Conyers, I could cut my scores in half if I didn't have any Mikes. "Magic" glasses alone aren't going to do that but they may help me find the front sight better.

  13. I will say that once I got my "magic" glasses my shooting improved tremendously. Amazing what you can do when you can see the front sight. :cool::supergrin:

  14. Looking at my times I average about 100 sec per division for misses. Glasses won't fix all of that but they should help me focus on the problem.
  15. Do those Oakley's use an insert for the Rx lenses or are the lenses I see ground to Rx?


  16. i am pretty sure that they are rx lenses and not inserts
    but i maybe wrong.
  17. Just this week I got together with the optician from my optometrist's office. Like many of you I had lost the front sight sharpness. I have ESS glasses with the corrective lens inserts. I am right handed and shoot that way but am left eye dominate so my front sight is seen by my left eye. We experimented with that lens and changed it to make the front sight clearer but minimize mid and long range affects. I can hardly detect a difference in mid to long range vision and no problem seeing other targets or the big picture. My shooting at 25 yd. is much better due to more precise front sight placement.

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