Conyers finals posted!!!

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by PM720, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Well,,, my dealings with Eds haven't personally included any of those pesky "Random Free Guns “. What a burden they must be! :D

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  2. Same situation. LGS had a Blue Label G21 in stock, but wouldn't do the swap. Apparently, the business case is lacking for LGSs to swap certificates for in-stock pistols.

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  3. So many Glocks... so little time... :tongueout:
  4. hey if they ever get to heavy for you ill carry them for ya =P
  5. You sound like a two-timer. :crying: I thought Bama was going to make you an official "acquaintance" if you carried his stuff. Ed's got a lock on "friend" because of Bama's lawn and car.
  6. SARDG, I know where you can get a little red wagon? Cheap! :p:p

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  7. You just hang onto that Ed... Scott will be back next year at Conyers. I understand he's dieing to shoot my racegun again. :embarassed:
  8. Hmm, might have one of my own built by then! I have the trigger stuff, might have her all built up by then! :whistling: :faint:

  9. You can borrow one of mine if ya want Scott. I think I got a couple extras laying around somewhere. :)

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  10. Thanks Mike, that would be great if you SHOWED UP!! :faint::supergrin: I mean, if I can make the trip from California.... :whistling: :wavey:


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