Conyers finals posted!!!

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by PM720, Nov 15, 2012.


    Geez, everyone asleep at the wheel? :faint:

    $50.00 random for me. I can't beleive I was sandwiched between 2 pistol randoms in Sub and one of them was KITTY!!! :crying::tongueout:


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  3. Random fairy visit anybody?

  4. BK94

    Pistol for Am Comp win
    $50 random in Heavy Metal
    Pistol random in Ma Stock
  5. JTSmith

    JTSmith Œgfdrïńëçł

    Nothing.............. :(

  6. Nice! Good haul.
  7. $50 Random for me and SARDG gets another Gun??????:dunno::faint:
  8. Tbone17

    Tbone17 "Shootin Steel"

    Congratulations to my Daughter Andrea w/Alabama Holster Co Jr team for winning Jr. Female 75.00. One Random pistol and 50.00 Random for me, thanks Random goodness.

    Congrats to all the other winners.

    Can someone tell me what LM$100.00 is next to my Daughters name means? It's below her $75.00 for jr female. Tks
  9. SARDG and I are fighting it out for first place "random master" LOL :)

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  10. It probably means that if she was over 18, she would have won a gun.

    But because she is <18, she gets a Life Membership & $100 instead.

  11. Congrats to all the winners

    As for me Conyers was very good to me. RO gun/ Pistol place and a random $50. Thank you Mr. Glock
  12. Tbone17

    Tbone17 "Shootin Steel"

    Thanks Comrade Bork, couldn't figure what the LM meant. Tks
  13. Nothing for me :(:crying:
  14. lclick

    lclick Glockaholic

    Now that's just plain greedy!
    But Congrats anyway.:highfive:
  15. I guess I'm going to have to learn to shoot if I want to win a gun. No cash for me either.

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  16. Nothing for me. :(

    Congrats to all the winners!
  18. I am living proof that you do not have to shoot well to 'win' a gun or cash...

    Mike's not doing so bad, either.
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  19. Great stuff Tony - congrats to Andrea for her individual successes, but I think she was shooting for Team Corn Bread as we didn't have enough to put a Junior team together for Alabama Holster Company. :crying:
  20. I still have Lexington to go, I refuse to lose my random master status!!!! LOL

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  21. I still have Mobile! :tongueout:

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