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Constructive criticism needed for my webpage

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Angel Of Death, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Angel Of Death

    Angel Of Death Wrenches/BMWs

    May 28, 2004
    Stateside finally!
    Hey guys, I know if the bunch of you are good for anything then it's definitely surfing the Interent.

    And now I need to put you skills to good use!

    I just spent the last 5 hours whipping this site up from nothing. I just purchased it about 12 hours ago.

    It's going to chronicle the work I'll be putting into the truck over the next couple years, once I get out of the Corps late next year.

    Some of the things I'm looking for are ease of use, do all the links work, does it looks good, and is it easy on the eyes?

    Here it is:

    Any and all advice, complaints, gripes will be taken into serious condiseration.

    Thanks guys and Semper fi

  2. Guest

    I am no web page builder, here is my 1/2 a cent worth though.

    All the pages worked and loaded pretty fast. I like the old Military vehicles so it was interesting to have a gander at yours. Plenty of pics to see whats what and i think its a great start.

    my only dislike was that at the bottom of each page there was no way to select the next area to look through. I had to scroll all the way back up through the pics to get up to the top of the page, then i could select for your menu again. I use a trackball and do not have the wheel that i can scroll up and down the sliding bar on the right side of the web page. A "return to the top" link or even another smaller form of the menu options horizontally accross the bottom would streamline browsing. IMH newbie Opinion.


    good job though

  3. Furant

    Furant Millennium Member

    Oct 14, 1999
    Roswell, GA
    Looks like you already made the changes that USCG1988 suggested. Other than that (and the sandals with socks picture);) I think the website looks great. I'll be eager to keep up to speed with the progress of this project.

    Good luck.

  4. Toyman


    May 6, 2003
    West Michigan
    Looks clean and easily readable. Overall, pretty good! Here's a few suggestions, nothing major:

    1. Each page has a fixed width of about 1133, which means a lot of people have to scroll horizontally to see the content. Try and keep it under 775 or less, or specify a width of 100% so content will automatically adjust.

    2. Some of the pictures don't link to larger, higher quality pictures so visitors can view them in more detail.

    3. Try to avoid spaces in any folder names. Although they can be (and are) escaped with %20, sooner or later it will cause problems. Also, watch capitalization, like 'Website Images' and 'ThePresent.htm', as with UNIX it is case sensitive. Just lowercase everything.

    Mike - author of the World Famous CoffeeCup HTML Editor - :)
  5. prism

    prism more ammo

    Sep 26, 2002
    agree: no filename spaces, and lowercase everything.

    if you want to have a gallery, here's a free photo album program
  6. greenlead


    Jul 30, 2004
    NE Indiana
    I agree. I would recommend that you use a template containing a fixed-width table set to, to borrow the quoted number, 775 pi. This will make everyone with a resolution of at least 800x600 happy, and it will save you work, because your page will look almost identical in every browser.

    Regarding the images on the pages, I would recommend that you reduce their size.

    Use text for your headings, not pictures. This way, those with special browser preferences (and image-less browsers) will be able to make sense of your page.
  7. David_G17

    David_G17 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    Oct 7, 2002
    or put alt text in all the images like you did on the menu on the left.

    first impression: too much scrolling to read content (horizontal and vertical).

    second thing i noticed was the email link on the menu. i hate it when you just want to know someone's email and then you have to wait for an unconfigured outlook express to load up just to find out what the address is. advice: make it link to a page with the address spelled out and a mailto link.
  8. Glock Bob

    Glock Bob Snack Attack!!!

    Aug 5, 2004
    Ok, here we go ;) :

    1. It's too wide. I like my screen at 800x600. I know alot of people like 1024x768, but not all do. If you do design it around 800x600 it will show up in it's full glory on all resolutions (albeit smaller on higher resolution monitors).

    2. The menu is a great start, but could use some pizzaz. A little JavaScript magic could change the color of the text in each pic, or even the entire pic itself. Also a nice border between the menu and the body would be great. Perhaps a border on the TD would be useful.

    3. I'm having trouble with this monitor, but some of the images seem a little pixelated. The first image is great, but some of the others (for instance, the ones with people in them) seem out of focus to me. Making the pics smaller may solve this. However, as stated before, this monitor is giving me problems, so it may just be me.

    4. Captions would be better if they weren't longer than the images are wide.

    5. While alot of folks have broadband, some still run dial-up. Therefore, limiting number of images per page can help speed things up. Besides, I find it fun to see one image at a time with caption, with next and previous buttons, kind of like a photo album.

    I think you've done a great job so far, and are lightyears ahead of most novice webmasters out there. Keep up the good work! :cool:
  9. Glock Bob

    Glock Bob Snack Attack!!!

    Aug 5, 2004
    Just hover over the link. The addy will appear in the status bar at the bottom left corner of the browser.
  10. David_G17

    David_G17 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    Oct 7, 2002
    yeah, but if i want to e-mail them it's no where near as efficient (i.e. can't copy and paste it into a web-based email client).
  11. Angel Of Death

    Angel Of Death Wrenches/BMWs

    May 28, 2004
    Stateside finally!
    I will take that advice and make a contact page, thanks!

    As for everyone else I greatly appreciate! I will make all the changes you suggested over the next few days, most importantly the super wide resolution. Thanks everyone!