Congrats to our very own gundog

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Wp.22, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Philippines national open benchrest champion for light varmint category, senor category champion for air rifle, silver medal for LV team category and bronze for senor heavy varmint category.

    You still kickass at 67?

    Blow out

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  3. :cool:Congrats Kuya Gundog:cool:

  4. jprj

    Congrats Sir :)
  5. i_am_infinity

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  6. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=-
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    Congrats, Lolo Joji :)
  7. Go go go!! :)
  8. photos from the 2 day event. Photos are not mine but of Richard Fernandez

    Chicharon time after the HV finals

    Boitoi Mike Mata with his antoots 64 MPR and Farley Rest ( Gold Medal for LV team events)

    Wp.22 antoots 64mpr di pa bayad and ronrest of Prince ngoe (eyecutter)

    Marlino with his antoots biathlon in custom stock and JJ rest ( gold medal international sporter)
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  9. raymond mendoza with his antoots 2013

    HEavy varmint shooters

    Tony and Toby

    Group photo after the HV event

    Group pic after the LV finals
  10. Congrats bro! Age really does matter hah!;)
  11. Congrats Gundog!!! :)
    Parang masarap ang benchrest ah. Parang relax na relax, away from the sun.
    Ang linis ng range, walang alikabok! Hehehe!!
  12. yan na ang bagong tamabayn ni gundog almost everyday nandyan yan. may taga timpla pa ng kape yan or taga abot ng drinks:supergrin:
  13. Congrats to Sir Gundog.

    Where is this range? Very clean.
  14. gundog

    gundog senior gunner

    thanks guys. the "place" is PNSA country club, located at the Marine Base in ft mckinley
  15. Awarding time. Thank You DOc EC for the photos.
  16. sali na rin ako. sino nagbebenta ng antoots 2013? ano ba ok na baril dito at magkano? hehe

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