Concensus for favorite bullet weight in 44Mag?

Discussion in 'The Wheelhouse' started by MCNETT, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. 180gr

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  2. 200gr

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  3. 240gr

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  4. 270gr

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  5. 300gr

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    COWBOYSHOOTER Oh dear....

    200 grain. Usually a Hornady XTP. Significantly reduces recoil for the magnum loads. My hands just dont handle it very well anymore. Also makes up a very nice 44SPL load. MMMM 44 Special ;f

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  2. 240gr Gold Dot for night stand
    310gr Garrett Hammerheads for hunting

  3. i have a box of 20 winchester platinum tip 250 GR.PTHP Ive been ichin to send down range threw my 8 inch anaconda.btw with 310 grn hammer heads and stout 44 mag ammo like that whats really the point of all these super big bores?ive fallen into the bigger than yours cycle a bit with a 454 ragging bull and a SRH in 480 ruger.i refuse to get a 50 their just too big!but really ,i remember back when i was a teenager(70s dirty harry)the lore of the 44 mag and how even a mighty griz could be harvested with such a handgun.(besides the camera guy im sure their was at least one heavily armed rifleman back up!maby 2
  4. jimw

    240 gr Hornady XTP over 4227.
  5. Biggest thing I shoot with my .44 mag are white tail deer or black bear.

    The 240 gr in either a JHP or JSP works fine for them.
  6. I voted 240 gr. for most typical situations...However when I go Boar Hutin' it's always a 300 gr. cast, to put bacon on my table through my S&W 629
  7. g88


    Speer 270gr Gold Dot Softpoint. Very accurate from my Smiths and Redhawk. Gets excellent reviews when rated by customers on Midway USA's rating system. Seems like a good woods bullet. I load them to about 1170 fps. g88
  8. I loaded a modest (not max) AA #9 with Win 210gr Silvertips (avg 1550fps, 1150fpe) and had three expansions from shooting through sheet metal/wood between about .92" and 1.106". I forget the fourth recovered diameter (.60 something), but it spun off a lead sliver 1/4"x1 1/4". (M629 w/6.5" classic barrel).

    This is basically a home defense round, however, it also will penetrate two full creosote bushes and arrived on target 100% of the time on four separate tests. Even 1/2" and 5/8" branches don't deflect this combination. This may turn out to be my desert carry for mountain lion defense as it is also very accurate. I expect this combination will give explosive expansion and full penetration on a lion or BG - also known as two legged coyotes in this part of the country. :)

    For mountain trails, I'll experiment with harder 240-250gr bullets on the slim chance of having a bear encounter. :)

    FWIW, I'm seeing a number of XTP jackets laying on the ground and no holes on target when shooting through brush in other calibers.


    Oh, did I state 210gr Silvertips as one favorite??? ;a
  9. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur
    Millennium Member CLM

    I cast my own......and I'm surprised that Elmer's favorite isn't listed in your poll! 250! :)


  10. My 44 is a toy for me, i've got SD covered. I shoot 300's and heavier almost exclusively. So I voted 300 gr hard cast preferably:supergrin:
  11. Two Guns

    Two Guns VIP MEMBER

    240 for me.
  12. TattooedGlock

    TattooedGlock NRA LIFE MEMBER

    330 grain Hammerheads from Garrett Ammo
  13. 300-320 GRAIN HARDCAST
  14. 240gr reloads in jhp, and cast make my own bullets.

  15. Bonk

    Millennium Member

    240gr LSWC reloads for fun, 240 gr JHP's for deer hunting.
  16. 250 gr Beartooth Bullet WFNGC for all around use. Like 300 WFNGC and 200 XTP as well.
  17. I like 180 xtp and 240 xtp.Just started using 250 wfngc beartooths and going to experiment with a few others.

    Update, I quit using beartooths because it takes so long to get them. Mostly use 240xtp's for everything.
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  18. I normally shoot the 240's, but the 180's are good too.
  19. I currently use a 305-gr LBT WFN GC from Rim Rock Bullets for all my outdoor loadings. This is the same bullet that Tim Sundles uses for his 305-gr LBT load @ Buffalo Bore Ammunition.

  20. 240gr cast lead semi wadcutters is what I shoot and reload.

    They don't lead up even at full power. Great cheap bullets.

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