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Concealment holsters & retention options - experience/advice

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by lawman800, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. actionshooter10

    actionshooter10 CLM

    Dec 29, 2006
    I use a Safariland ALS on duty and a Comp-Tac C-Tac off duty. It's a simple retention holster but it's carried IWB so I'm comfortable with it.
  2. So... let's just say... it's for work purposes and I need to have positive retention besides friction and it's now an on-duty situation... custom?

  3. MeefZah

    MeefZah Cover is Code 3

    Jan 2, 2008
    Lost Coast, Cali
    On duty, I'm a level 3 man, but off duty I carry in a friction retention Kramer MSP. I figure its concealed, I'm not going to be accosted for my weapon since it is concealed and I am out of uniform, and the liklihood of a foot chase or ground fight is slim to none.

    That said I do like the Safariland paddle that has the thumb lever retention, but it's as bulky as a duty rig.

    Edit, I see after reading all the thread that this is for your 709. Good luck...
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  4. Yeah, seen those "concealment" rigs with the SLS and ALS setups... man, might as well wear a parka if I want to even think about concealing that. SERPA is like that. I tried my darndest but could not hide it with any level of discretion.
  5. razdog76

    razdog76 Heavy Mettle

    Sep 26, 2007
    I bought one of the model 1-SL with a thumb break for the five weeks of crash investigation I went to last year, and really like it for that purpose. I thought the quality was very good, and price very reasonable for a custom made holster.

    In terms of concealed carry, I have a long torso, so unless I wear a jacket it will hang below any shirt I have. If you had a similar problem, he does make an IWB version.
  6. OfficerChris

    OfficerChris L.A. fanboy

    Jan 19, 2007
    Talking about holsters lawman...

    Once upon a time there was an Austrian guy who...


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  7. VPD4327


    Jun 30, 2009
    East Coast
    I was gonna preach about Fobus but then I read the rest of the thread...I love Fobus because it's very concealable. I don't look for crazy retention when off duty since it's always concealed.
  8. ditchdoc24


    Jan 15, 2009
    Interesting that this topic comes up when I'm supposed to have a meeting with the new Sheriff, CID commander and Patrol commander tomorrow afternoon to learn if I'm going to become an Investigator. When I'm off duty, I carry in an IWB holster or a plain leather pancake holster.
  9. The stuff is in a box but not fitting well... but at least I have it all in there... but the holster is non-retention besides the friction fit.
  10. OfficerChris

    OfficerChris L.A. fanboy

    Jan 19, 2007
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  11. Sam Spade

    Sam Spade Staff Member Lifetime Member

    May 4, 2003
    I used a Bianchi carry-loc (Avenger) in a plainclothes/surveillance assignment. I loved it.

    Got into one real knock-down drag-out fight involving two cops, one skell and a Good Samaritan, and the retention worked like a charm. Qualified with it from concealment and had zero troubles. And the body fluids washed off well. The downside was the snaps on the belt loops: if ever unsnapped, they require tools to snap. Treat them as permanent belt loops and you'll be fine.

    It's a great holster.
  12. I was looking at the model 84 Snap Lok with the snap belt loops, not the 82 pancake style. So you're saying the Snap Lok is not good to go as it was intended and should be treated as any other pancake?
  13. Sam Spade

    Sam Spade Staff Member Lifetime Member

    May 4, 2003
    Yes. I just threaded the holster onto and off of my belt every day.
  14. Got it... bummer... oh well... at least the regular pancake is a lot cheaper than the snap lok so that will save some money there. I think the difference is about thirty bucks!