Concealing transport of narcotics with mattresses?

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Nick.45, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. A co-worker of mine at the jail has a neighbor who has been moving a lot of mattresses in and out of his house. When I say a lot, I mean 8-10 mattresses per week for the last 3-4 months are being unloaded and hauled into the house. Days later they are being moved back out, put onto pick-ups, cars, and trailers and hauled away. It tends to be the same vehicles each time doing the transport. They used to only do it in the evening/after dark but have now gone to random times throughout the day. Occasionally they will leave the garage door open and he could see a large stack of mattresses just sitting on the floor of the garage.

    I talked to a friend on the drug task force for the area. They sat on the house a couple times but didn’t see much activity. When they pulled the utilities, they were all normal so they don’t believe it is a grow house. They are still working on the case while they work their other ongoing cases and I haven’t heard any more updates from them.

    Has anyone seen or heard of this before? My first thought is that they are trying to conceal what they are transporting. But I also tried to think of a rational explanation like they clean them or something and resell them, but that doesn’t really pan out. My Google search didn’t net much……so, any ideas?

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  2. Whitey1

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    They are probably buying them cheap from a warehouse and reselling them on Craigslist. I see ads all the time talking about brand new king size mattresses for only $349 etc etc.

  3. AngelDeville

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    Maybe they are just really sleepy...
  4. Could be legit, could be something else. No way of knowing.
  5. I'll bet the are bootleg mattresses with the "Do not remove tag" tag ripped of by miscreants guilty of reclining in the first degree.
  6. After reading your post and sleeping on it, I realized your neighbor may be someone who "refurbish" mattresses. I know where I'm at, you see vans driving around on garbage day looking for, and picking up, discarded mattresses. I always wondered what happened to the mattresses. Now I know they get sent out to Iowa to have their lives turned around... :)
  7. My first thought was - mind your own business.
  8. I would never buy a "refurbished" mattress, but I suppose some people would. Thanks for the replies. Hoping that it is something innocent for my co workers sake. Time will tell I suppose.

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  9. Somebody thinks they're in GNG
  10. Mine too. Butt out!
  11. DaBigBR

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    I tend to think it's one of these things. I'm the type that would just go over there and say "what the hell are all the matresses for?"

    So what is the standard for you guys for seeming suspicious behavior from a neighbor (albeit this is a COWORKER's neighbor) to start to wonder and inquire? This is how we catch people that are breaking the law.
  12. But, but, that violates his RIGHTS, don't you get it?!
  13. My first thought. Since they aren't being shy about it I would almost feel like an idiot for NOT asking.
  14. Oops. Sorry, wrong door.

  15. I would too. However he knows they have a drug record, from his digging into the public criminal records, and I believe they know he works at the jail. He probably doesn't want to bring any unwanted attention to his house while he is at work and his wife and daughter are home alone.

    But as I said before, not my neighbor, I was just curious if anyone had seen or heard of this before. I will continue to buy my mattress new. :wow:

  16. Seriously! Go over one day after you see them move the mattresses out and say something like... "do you sell mattresses? Because we've been looking for a replacement mattress at a good price." Chat him up about his knowledge of mattresses. (Or about something related to mattresses, such as houses of prostitution, who may be his steady customers :whistling:).

    Then beg off by saying you need to talk to your wife first. And later say she wants to buy a temperpedic or a waterbed or a futon.
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  17. NDCent

    NDCent Socially Inept

    I wouldn't either, but sleeping on a hotel/motel mattress is worse, IMO. A motel mattress has hundred or thousands of creepy deadbeats sleeping on/in it, instead of one or two.

    Those glow in the dark spots on the bed spread are nothing to be worried about. :shocked:

  18. I have no standard, I mind my own business. I want nothing to do with my neighbors. I don't get nosey and all I ask is my neighbors don't either.

    Keeps things so much more peaceful.
  19. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Until your drug dealing neighbors get their house invaded by somebody looking to rip them off. Or their customers start loitering in your neighborhood. Or they start breaking in to people's houses and cars in your neighborhood.

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