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Concealed Weapons Permit shooting requirement?

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Carbonfly, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. civilwarguns


    Aug 17, 2005
    North Carolina
    That is how I do my shooting test, You still do not add a score up. As long as they hit the target with the 21 out of 30. A good hit not off in the white.
  2. SC law only states 8 hours of training and satifactory completion of live fire. No specification as to how many rounds, distance, etc...

    Most will not allow you to draw from a holster. As a general guide most use the NRA guidelines on target firing. I've seen instructors who had classes shoot a box of 50, and another that had 25 rounds fired.

  3. Carbonfly


    Nov 20, 2008
    Columbia, SC
    I wish that SC would set a standard for the shooting requirement. At least that way it would be known what is expected from us and we could better train for the task.

    My friend said that for his SC CWP, he HAD to draw from a holster and fire. If that is expected of me, how am I supposed to practice that when our range doesn't allow drawing from a holster? This range is also the place where we will be taking the test, so maybe we won't have to draw and fire. :dunno:
  4. My daughter and I took the CWP course in South Carolina a year ago (December 2007). We shot 10 rounds each at 3,5,7 and 10 yards ... and 5 rounds each at 12 and 15 yards for a total of 50 rounds.

    No one drew from the holster. We all started from a ... forgot what it is called, but from a "ready" position, holding the pistol at a downward 45 degree angle facing the target. The procedure was explained ahead of time and we did everything on command. Very safe procedures. I don't recall any time limit, however I remember the instructor telling someone to fire a little faster. I believe that there is a proficiency requirement (percentage of hits in the black of the target, see NOTE below) but I was 50 of 50 and my daughter was 49 of 50 so we didn't pay much attention to the minimum number of hits. :embarassed: She had only shot once, I think, in her life. I had not shot in over 10 years. As I recall, all of the students (maybe 20 or so) did very well. I don't remember anyone NOT passing the course, although there were a number of people with fewer hits ..... but all did well.

    NOTE: Aside from other questions, finger prints, photo, etc. the application for a Concealed Weapons Permit requires two scores: Administrative test score and Proficiency test score (shooting). That tells me that there must be a minimum score for the range work (shooting) as well as the written test.

    BTW, the certified instructor charges $80 for the one day course. :cool: That includes the ammo, finger prints, and photo. He even furnished my daughter and I with .38 caliber revolvers to use. I now have a Glock 30SF.

    If anyone is interested, contact Larry Smith (the instructor) at:
    Foothills Firearms Training Center was recommended to me by a friend. Although I had to drive a ways to Liberty, SC from Greenville SC, to me it was well worth the drive. Very efficient, no wasted time, very professionally done. I've recommended Larry to others with no complaints. BTW, I'm not affiliated with Larry in any way.

    I hope that this helps. I'd be glad to contact the instructor if there are more questions.
  5. Carbonfly


    Nov 20, 2008
    Columbia, SC
    Thanks a lot for the info! The class I am taking costs $65 at Shooter's Choice, but you have to supply your own ammo. You can rent a gun if you do not have one yet (it's like $10 i think).

  6. They do require a minimum score on the targets but how many rounds & distance is not specified in the law. Drawing from holster has a lot to do if it's an indoor or outdoor range, and, the individual instructor. BTW if you have a
    Triple A + membership they will take your passport size photos for free. Some instructors build it into the fee for the class others charge extra. Before taking any instructors class I would ask what is going to be on the live fire portion. Just to know if you have to use ammo they supply, need to bring a holster (especially if they want a particular type). I know of one instructor that will only allow FMJ Winchester White Box, & prefers only semi-autos.
  7. The minimum proficiency score is 70%.
    One of the earlier post stated that shooting thirty rounds meant you had to hit 21. That is 70%.
  8. Carbonfly


    Nov 20, 2008
    Columbia, SC
    I talked to Shooter's Choice today and this is what they said the test consisted of........

    3 yards = 10 shots (shoot 5, reload, shoot 5 more)
    5 yards = 10 shots (shoot 5, reload, shoot 5 more)
    7 yards = 10 shots (shoot 5, reload, shoot 5 more)
    10 yards = 10 shots (shoot 5, reload, shoot 5 more)
    12 yards = 5 shots
    15 yards = 5 shots

    Must get 35 out of 50 to pass.
  9. South Carolina Weapons Concealed Carry Course - 8 hour course

    Instructor: Mike Lloyd - Call Neal Seaman for further information: 843-716-0511 or Email

    Hours for Mike Lloyd's courses: Monday and Tuesday (full course), Friday morning split course 8 AM to 12 noon then the following Friday 4 hours, Sundays 12 Noon

    For all other days and hours we will direct applicants to the other instructors

    This course is designed for individuals that wish to apply for a concealed carry permit in the state of South Carolina - Course fee $65.00. If for some reason we cannot supply this service due to time constraints or other problems we will give you the contact information for other instructors to fill the gap. Of course we cannot speak for them as far as pricing.

    Upon successful completion of this course the applicant will have meet the required standards and pass a standard firearms proficiency test that is required by state law prior to receive your concealed carry permit.

    To participate in this course students must have a working knowledge of their weapon and safe weapon handling skills. If you desire, at no extra cost to you, we will run you through the practicum before the test as many times as you wish to feel comfortable so you can take the gun shoot part of the test without worrying. THERE WILL BE NO COST TO YOU FOR THIS EXTRA SERVICE.

    Course content will include:

    Legal issues, consequences and liabilities
    new concealed carry laws
    Conflict avoidance strategies
    Personal protection considerations
    The “Use of force” continuum
    Concealed carry concepts
    The survival mindset
    Threat assessment/ Engagement
    basic shooting fundamentals
    Decision making skills
    Law enforcement encounters

    50 rounds of factory ammunition, handgun w/2 magazines or revolver with 1 speed loader, eye and ear protection, hip holster


    Safe handling of firearm
    Ability to load and unload a handgun safely
    Fire 50 rounds from a handgun at distances of 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 (yards) while under time constraints
    Passing score of 70% on handgun proficiency test
    You will be shooting at a full sized silhouette target
    Proficiency test is 50 rounds of ammunition.
    DISTANCE (defined by yards) LOADING SEQUENCE
    3 1,2,2* (2X)**
    5 1,2,2* (2X)**
    7 1,2,2* (2X)**
    10 5* (rapid fire) (2X)**
    12 5* (rapid fire)**
    15 5* (rapid fire)**
    * rounds loaded and shot
    ** number of times run through that sequence


    AT REST - holstered gun
    PRESENTATION - gun safe in front of you pointing down range at a 45 degree angle
    READY GUN - gun is being brought up to sight and fire
    DEADLY FORCE - fire

    Passing Proficiency score is 35 hits out of 50 shots = 70%

    Registration Fees: $65.00 - $25.00 deposit required down and signed release.
    (Course limited to 8 people max) - we will run this course for an individual at no extra cost.

    The course firing range is not the one I took. No holster requirement this looks like this instructor uses the NC course. Also if you read his website IMO I would not want instruction from these people.
    Seems to Hate S&W, Colt, and Glock is the only pistol fit for use.

  10. I took the CCW test here in Union county. The test consisted of shooting 40 rounds. 32 had to be in the black on the 'human' size target to pass.
    5 rounds-3 yards right handed.
    5 rounds-3 yards left handed
    3 rounds-7 yards right handed
    3 rounds-7 yards left handed
    4 rounds-double handed
    3 rounds-15 yards right handed
    3 rounds-15 yards left handed
    2 rounds-15 yards double handed rapid double tap in ready position on 'fire'
    2 rounds-15 yards double handed rapid double tap from rest on 'fire'

    I think the instructors change for course to course, but, I am sure they would never pass someone they thought was not able to handle a gun well. I know they had a lady the week before they did not pass. She was up in age, and knew she had problems to begin with.
  11. Just another reason we need a national standardized carry course. If we did perhaps we would have more reciprocity.
  12. Carbonfly


    Nov 20, 2008
    Columbia, SC
    This doesn't make any sense. Why would you ever not fire with your strong side? I guess if worse comes to worse and you hurt your strong arm, but that just seems like a weird test to me. I'm glad that our instructor won't make us do that. I've never ever practiced shooting with me weak side.

    ..........although, I might try at the range tomorrow. haha.
  13. dudley


    Apr 30, 2008
    In missouri, we had to practice with 60 rounds I think it was then the test was to get 15 out of 21 rounds in the black at 7 yards. If you can't do that, then you should not have a CCW. I think most of us in the club can do that well by quick instinct shooting.
  14. Short Bus

    Short Bus

    Jan 11, 2008
    Western NC
    Bingo...Tell him what he has won Johnny.

    Most will have you do 3-5-7. Unholstered, then holstered. Stay in the black and you are good to go. 50 rounds. 5 rounds per "time at bat."