Concealed Holster for G30SF

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Kellog, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. moishlashen

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    Carry my G30 in a Crossbreed supertuck. Can't imagine a better holster for IWB conceal and carry although there are a lot of good ones out there.

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  2. crash_gsxr750

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    i have a galco kingtuk on order, can't wait to try it

  3. the remora is not really a holster --it is more of a pouch.
  4. I make a nice IWB for the G30. Many GT members have bought them.


  5. JTSmith

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    I have a Comp-Tac MTAC and a Remora 10A-ART XL for my 29SF. My wife and I went hiking earlier this year and I took the 29 in the MTAC. We hiked for about 3hrs and the 29 wasn't really that noticeable. I like this holster, but it's much easier to use the Remora.

    I recently acquired the Remora because I needed something that could holster the gun with Glock light/laser. I called Remora and they recommended I ask for the XL version, in order to make room for the rather bulky attachment. Anyway, this holster is great. Infinitely adjustable, stays right where you put it, easy to draw from, and cost about $30. Heck of a deal, considering what the MTAC cost.
  6. I've tried about everything, and I use an MTAC.

    The VM2/TTGunleather type holsters add WAY too much thickness to an already fat gun. The 2 points of contact really distribute the weight well, and the MTAC/CBST/Theiss holsters add minimal thickness. I can pack around my GEN 4 G21 all day in my MTAC and it's the most comfortable holster I've tried. Being modular, unlike the CBST/Theiss, you can just change out kydex bodies to carry a different gun. If you don't like it, they hold value pretty well, and won't take long to sell.
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  7. I have one of those remora holsters and it's really not that great for me for the following reasons:

    1. I carry aiwb with the holster next to my skin. Just don't like the grippy feeling it gives to my stomach.

    2. I've tried to carry it aiwb and after sitting and standing a few times, the remora DOES move inside my pants. Usually it moves up and I have to adjust it downwards.

    3. Mine has the reinforced top. If you compare it side-by-side with say a Dale Fricke Archangel, it is quite a lot thicker and wider. Takes up more room in my pants.

    4. The remora I have is not open on the muzzle end. I can debris getting trapped inside the holster....

    For the money, I guess it's ok, but for me a kydex holster is the best of all worlds. The Dale Fricke Archangel is easy on/easy off with the two snaps, is very thin and comfortable against my skin and feels secure on a good gun belt. That's my 2 cents....
  8. I have a MTAC Neutral holster I will give you a good deal on.
  9. vkscott

    vkscott Retired USAF

    Tell me about the holster
  10. I bought one and I can tell you its very well made

    BEST IWB holster I have ever owned its so comfortable you might even forget about it! It may not look like much but give them a shot.:number1:
  12. Crossbreed supertuck imo. I think since the glock 30 is wide you would be best served with a thin profile holster. Crossbreed's are thin and very comfortable.
  13. I second this.

    Only thing bad about it is taking it on and off.
  14. +1 on the VM II. I have three including one for my G19. It is by far the best IWB holster I've ever owned.

    The MTAC is also a nice holster and Comptac is a great company to do business with.
  15. Supertuck. I've used the same horsehide supertuck for 5 years now it's worn, but its still carries great
  16. Any feed back on a tommy theis holster for concealing the 30sf
  17. I am curious as to what difficulties you have had with installing and removing the CBST.
  18. I carry the 21sf daily and have Supertuck, Raven, and Vm2. I just got the Remora and so far its the best for me. I have found the most comfortable way to carry is no holster at all so I did the carry clip thing for a while which is nice but the gun really pokes at you. The Remora maintains the cant I choose and it pads the gun so I cant feel it as much.

    I really love the simple design and after wearing it a bit more will make the choice of buying more of them for other guns. I am not sure what it is about no holster carry but it really feels a lot better. For some reason the gun tends to not feel as heavy and especially with the Remora. The leather guys would put rough side out for some grip of the holster against your body and that is nice but now we have synthetic materials and the Remora uses some nice stuff. I would imagine all the weight is now secured by some amount through friction instead of hanging on my belt by loops or clips.
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