Concealed-carry law fails in Illinois House

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Gpruitt54, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. I don't think we can have it both ways. We have a few sheriffs declaring they will not enforce federal laws, if passed, and we cheer for freedom and states rights. When a state says the same thing, but on the other side of the fence, we get all butthurt about it.

    I would love to be able to carry where ever I went. But states should be allowed to set their rules without federal interference. I'm for the people of the state getting fed up with the shenanigans of their politicians and voting them out in favor of those that support freedom. I am not for the feds strong arming a state to do something.

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  2. no carry will be legal June 9th and anyone caught doing so will be arrested. Laws will still be on the books saying carrying a concealed gun or knife over 3 inches will be considered ILLEGAL.

    Lots of idiots will be arrested for sure and then we might see a bill passed after they have exhausted their personal wealth doing so in court. Oh and they will never be able to carry because they will be technically criminals!

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  3. Lockback

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    I genuinely feel sorry for the residents of Illinois.
    Not that many years ago, Ohio was looking like a cheap imitation of Illinois: liberal, high crime, high taxes, no chance whatsoever of ever getting a concealed carry law passed. Even the Republican governor was anti-gun and the bill finally passed over his veto after a long, long legislative battle. And lo and behold, then even his successor, a Democrat, was pro-gun and his GOP successor is also nominally pro-gun. And many of my friends and coworkers have their CCW licenses now, thanks to a lot of work by a lot of very committed people.
    My point being that maybe, just maybe, the citizens of Illinois will be freed someday from the shackles of idiocy that grasp the whole state, tentacles that emanate from liberal fascist fat cats in Chicago.
  4. Chicago is still ruled by gangsters and criminals.
  5. That's a low blow to gangsters. At least the mob had class. Haha

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  6. Jakestir
    This why any CCW law has to have preemption! Meaning the state laws trump all local laws when it comes to carry a firearm! That way those cities /counties can't have there own laws that restrict it! Be happy with constitutional carry when you get it then force the state to make it conform accross IL! Any time a city/county try to restrict it take them to court!:supergrin:
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