Concealed-carry law fails in Illinois House

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Gpruitt54, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Concealed-carry law fails in Illinois House
    I should have known this would happen. Illinois sucks, and I live here.

    After an hour long debate in the Illinois House, a measure backed by the National Rifle Association that would have allowed certain, qualified Illinoisans to carry loaded weapons in public fell seven votes short of passage.

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  3. Constitutional carry here we come

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  4. I've heard many people getting all giddy over the idea of ConstitutionalCarry. Remember, we are talking about Illinois, and Constitutional Carry willnever happen... Not here.

    The split among the politicians will end with a pretty stupid bill thatmakes both sides happy (kind of). Something like what is currently proposed.Something like individual cities being able to allow or disallow CCW in theircity or county. Something like Cook County with no CCW and everyone else havingCCW.

    Something like that means that in Illinois, your 2nd amendment rights aredetermined by your zipcode.
  5. Python-Hunter

    Python-Hunter NRA Life Member

    When has the Illinois Legislature ever done anything for the benefit of the people?
    They ALL NEED to be VOTED OUT!
  6. Crime should go down now in chi-town...
  7. There fixed it for you.
  8. SCmasterblaster

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    I'd move to IN.
  9. I live in IL and cant wait to be able to CC. Thank GOD I DONT live in cook county or as we call it around here crook county
  10. Sadly, this comment is dead-on. Only crooked, Northern Illinois politicians have a voice.

    Too bad they can't figure out a way to remove Cook County from the rest of the state.
  11. Fulnix

    Just one of the many reasons I'm moving back to WI. I've been here since 2004 and things have only slid farther down hill in all aspects. Chicago was a great time but I'm ready to let it wither and die. IMHO it's just behind New York, at least at the moment I can still get a big gulp.
  12. I'm sure the mayor has armed guards, but the common folk doesn't deserve to be able to protect themselves
  13. Isn't Illinois under federal court order to pass a CCW law before a certain deadline, to conform with the US Constitution?

    If a law isn't passed by the IL legislature and signed into law won't CCW automatically become valid in the state?

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  14. Jun 9 is the deadline. If nothing is done then constitutional carry will be in affect. The only problem is some jack wagon in cook county said they will ignore the court order.

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  15. That should make for a great lawsuit.

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  16. Python-Hunter

    Python-Hunter NRA Life Member

    My understanding is that "Open Carry" will become valid!
  17. As far as I know all forms of carry will be allowed. However every county and city could have there own laws regulating it. Could be a huge mess.

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  18. Jakestir
    As long as they conform with "Constitutional carry" otherwise they'd be in violation of the Federal courts! Meaning they could not blanket restrict carry either open nor concealed in public!:supergrin:
  19. True but in county A it could be ok to carry a gun where alcohol is served but in county B it would be illegal. Just an example of the confusion that could arise.

    Also the one of the dumb dumbs in charge in chicago claim they will ignore the court ruling. Things are going to get interesting.

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