Concealed Carry GMA7 Style

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  2. ang dami nun a! I remember Mel Gibson in one of the Mad Max installments!

  3. Similar to the olden days of a Bianchi ad, where a guy carried - cant recall how many guns


  5. he's a marked man... engliserong kalbo...

    not really a smart move advertising your gear online even for demo...

    you just gave away your secrets online... Just my thoughts...
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    i know the guy, one of the trainiers then when i was with the Makati SWAT. he's really good with his craft. i think what he showed is needed for the the seminar, to understand the possibility of how a person can carry loads of weapon in his clothes, which i think is the topic of the seminar. if he won't do that his teachings will just be based on hypothesis. i believe in every seminar/training, practical demonstrations are necessary, especially in self defense.
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  7. Well... as mention in the video... all the gears were exaggerated for demo purposes...

    well... i guess he knows what he's talking about if he would be conduction such seminar on CC...

    Am just amazed that he can carry all such gear on his person...
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    I just hope the audience was paying attention.
  9. whag lang syang lumapit sa MRI or lumabas pag kumikidlat... im sure toasted mga carry nya... heheheheh.

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