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conceal carry/concealed firearm in vehicle on base

Discussion in 'The US Air Force Forum' started by thenorthface84, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. thenorthface84


    Aug 18, 2009
    i recently enlisted in the air guard. i cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone on base about the conceal carry policy. i have my cwp and was wondering if i am even allowed to carry my pistol in my vehicle onto base. it would be unloaded and locked up of course, but just wondering if anybody had any info. thanks
  2. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy ********* Moderator Moderator Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Jan 16, 2001
    Buried in the X-files
    Federal property.

    No. Period.

    You may be allowed to store it in the armory, etc but you aren't, ever, going to conceal carry on base and not get arrested/shot by Security Forces most likely.

    I've never heard of a base anywhere, any service that allows it.

  3. thenorthface84


    Aug 18, 2009
  4. Ralff


    Sep 10, 2008
    Central FL
    If it's unloaded and locked up you'll be fine.

    For actual concealed carry, the base commander is the final authority. Unless he has specifically approved it on base, it is pretty much standard to be prohibited.
  5. md2lgyk


    Mar 23, 2001
    I am retired from the Air National Guard. You are maybe describing regular Air Force policy, but I can tell you from personal experience the Guard is not the same.

    Forget the CCW aspect, since my base was in another State and my permits were not valid there. But I was on my unit's marksmanship team. Because I lived so far away from the base, I was hand receipted an M9 and given ammunition to take home so I could practice at my club range. I was also hand receipted a match-grade 1911 and put on orders many times for civilian NRA Conventional Pistol matches. I (and others) routinely transported personally owned competition firearms and ammunition to, from, and on the base.
  6. 6F0 Nick

    6F0 Nick Just Wanna Fly

    Jul 28, 2008
    East Coast
    Government firearms quite different from a personal firearm...
    Also, not to sound like a jerk, but if you are retired, there is a large possibility that things are not like they used to be. Things change all the time...
  7. meeko


    Apr 15, 2006

    Negative! Retired Air Guard Security Forces here. Air Guard bases are state property. There might be some type of federal property located 'within" the base property lines but it is State property. The resuorces assigned there ie aircraft are federal property etc.

    General CCW carring is not allowed. There should be information on your base's policy located on or within the JAG's office. Also check with the pass and ID folks at the Security Forces sqaudron thery should have a newcomers guide.

    Every base is different and unique, the location could come into play also. example I was active duty stationed in Montana. With hunting and shooting as big there, there were guns coming and going on and off base and to the base range. not a big deal. they were not transported loaded but we all did a lot of shooting and hunting there with no issues. that probably wouldn't fly at say McGuire AFB NJ.

    My Air Guard base policy stated unless you were LE visiting the base for official duty or a guard member that was LE in your full time employment you were not authorized to carry on base (by carry I mean in your vehicle, no one except on duty LE on official visits and on duty SP's or military members required to be armed were allowed to run around packing). Most everyone had weapons in their vehicle and nothing was really enforced or pushed but that was my base.

    The only issues we had were the SP's straight out of acive duty had issues with everything. But like I said at my base 80% of us SP's were LE on the outside so we delt with weapons in vehicles 90% of the time. military members are not usually up to anything just becase they have a legal handgun in their vehicle. However put a 19-22 year old SP there and they will make a felony case out of a seat belt violation. But us old guys did a pretty good at "mentoring" them.

    Bottom line JAG or the SP's will have the information specific to your base. But CCW will not be allowed.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2009
  8. Meeko, good information to the op. I know that on my ang base your not allowed to carry it on your person, but it's ok to have it in the car. I have known police officer's - not sp's, to have a weapon on them while visiting the base in uniform though and nothing was said. I usually carry one on my person to and from the base, I just take it off before exiting my vehicle. The base is in a bad area.
  9. lucksthename

    lucksthename USAF enlisted

    Sep 8, 2008
    Sumter SC
    Coming from a AD TSgt, you have to call the armory a day in advance to bring a weapon on base unless you are going to and from the skeet range or pistol/rifle range. these ranges are only open during certain times and security forces know the times and dates they are open. they also have to be in a case. guard and reserves are totally different in all aspects, you could probably throw it on your dash and slap them five on the way through the gate as laid back as some of those bases are.