Completely revamped my 11.5" SBR.......

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Airborne Infantryman, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. So I completely revamped my SBR today.

    Added a Troy MRF-CX free-float rail, a Troy Claymore Muzzle Break, and a VLTOR EMod kit to it. It is finally DONE! All I need is rail covers. I might add an AFG later, but I'm gonna run it the way it is before I add more stuff.


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  3. LA_357SIG

    LA_357SIG Milspectacular

    Nice. How does the muzzle flash look on the Claymore from a SBR? My son's 16" middy had one and it produced a softball sized fireball about a foot from the muzzle. It wasn't noticable from the shooters prespective and that's what I liked about it.

  4. Not my video, but its an 11.5"......think "Flamethrower". :supergrin:

    [ame=""]BCM 11.5" SBR w/ Troy Claymore - YouTube[/ame]
  5. The Pirate

    The Pirate HARRRRR!!!

    You did a good job, I like it!

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  6. AI--- when are you gonna add some color? Do you plan on getting a suppressor for this?
  7. Not planning on a suppressor at this time.

    I plan on keeping this one all black. My other rifles are brown/black, so I figure might as well keep this all black. :supergrin:

    If I do end up adding color, it'll be just changing out the furniture. No plans on CeraKote, etc. on the actual rifle.

    ETA: You got me thinking.....Foliage Green or the LaRue Urban Dark Earth kit would look nice on this.......hmmm......darn it, I just bought this VLTOR EMod, too! :supergrin:
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  8. TSAX



  9. I vote for some foliage green, I love it.

  10. Looks good, AI. Get a hand stop on that bastard before you blow your darn fingers off!

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