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Comparing EDC knives: Persistence and Skyline

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by Orion's Belt, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Orion's Belt

    Orion's Belt Boost Addict

    Feb 2, 2010
    Pittsburgh, Pa
    Since I recently received my Spyderco Persistence in the mail and have been carrying it for about a week or so, I figured I would do a comparison between it and one of my other favorite EDC blades, the Kershaw Skyline.

    Both knives are wonderful EDC blades. Both are sharp, have good lockup and in- handle retention. However there are a few things I like more about each one over the other.

    A few categories of comparison that I will go over are:
    -Blades (shape, steel)
    -Lockup and in-handle rentention
    -Deployment speed and method
    -Pocket clips


    The Persistence came with 8CR13MoV steel. This steel is roughly comparable to AUS8. It came razor sharp, which is to be expected from any quality knife maker. Although 8CR13MoV is at the lower end of Spyderco's steel, it has been said to hold an edge nicely and sharpens easily. I like the shape of the Persistence's blade. The broad leaf-style blade and flat grind makes cutting easy.

    The Skyline comes with Sandvik 13C26 steel. Admittedly, I do not know much at all of this blade steel. But, from my experience, it holds a good edge. Can't speak towards the sharpening, since I haven't had to put an edge on it. The Skyline also came razor sharp, again as expected. The modified spear point of the Skyline and hollow grind makes for an excellent cutter.

    Lockup and in-handle retention

    The Persistence has a very solid lockup with no side-to-side or up and down play. The liner lock is surprisingly stout. The ball-bearing detent is excellent in the Persistence, and keeps the blade closed which makes for confident tip-up carrying.

    The Skyline locks up pretty solidly, but the liner lock is not as stout as the Persistence. Ball-bearing detent on the Skyline also keeps the blade closed nicely for tip-up carry.

    Deployment speed and method

    The Persistence deploys via the well known Spyderhole. I was skeptical at first, but I really like the hole so far. It is very fast deploying and also fairly smooth.

    The Skyline deploys via a flipper on the back of the handle or a thumbstud. Although, the thumbstud is not very accessible, leaving the Skyline solely a flipper design. It also deploys fast, but requires more wrist action to deploy quickly. I think the Skyline, however, is more smooth than the Persistence.

    Pocket clips

    The clip on the Persistence is positionable to all four corners of the knife. It is very strong, almost too strong actually. My only complaint about the Spyderco clip is that I wish it was blackened. Besides that, almost perfect.

    The Skyline's clip is decent, but not as good as the Spyderco. It is either tip-up or tip-down, but only right hand. It is also very stong and once again, wish it were blackened. One complaint about the Skyline's clip is when it is carried tip-up, a good amount of the handle sticks out of the pocket allowing it to get caught on things. I have since only carried tip-down.


    The weight on the Persistence is 3.3oz according to the Spyderco catalog. Not too heavy, but a full ounce heavier than the Skyline. The Skyline comes in at 2.3oz according to Kershaw's website. The extra weight of the Spyderco can be attributed to the stainless liners, which are absent on the Skyline.


    Both handles are made of textured G10. Both are grippy, but the Skyline is not as agressive as the Spyderco. The Kershaw is a bit longer and also not as wide as the Spyderco. I prefer the Spyderco myself.


    Both knives come in around the $30 price range. I got the Kershaw from Wally World for ~$34 after tax. I got the Spyderco for ~$35 from an online store. Both knives are a very good deal for the money.

    Overall, I like both knives. Both are great knives for EDC and are a bargain for the money. The Spyderco is better in some areas, and the Kershaw in others. I like both knives equally and will still EDC both off and on.
  2. Orion's Belt

    Orion's Belt Boost Addict

    Feb 2, 2010
    Pittsburgh, Pa
    Wanted to add a few things that I forgot the first time. The thickness of the knives is almost identical even though the Persistence has the stainless liners. Also, I hadn't noticed the first time, the liner lock is significantly thinner on the Skyline than that of the Persistence. The liner of the Persistence also makes better contact with the tang for a seemingly stronger lock. The lanyard hole of the Persistence is bigger, allowing for full para cord to fit. Whereas the Skyline would only be able to fit gutted para cord. There is also no functional jimping on the Skyline, but it does have a very pronounced finger choil, so fear of slipping up onto the blade is almost nil. The Spyderco does , however, have very nice and functional jimping and a pronounced thumb ramp